Electricity supplier’s injury traditional enterprises can not avoid

1840 the first Opium War broke the great Chinese pride, open the door of the late Qing Dynasty, has also ushered in a new chapter in the modern history of Chinese;

is actually the Opium War China type agricultural society vs Western industrialized society; productivity determines the success of the war, history has proved that the advanced productivity is irresistible, old and decadent is bound to the wheel of history is moving on at the foot of


NOKIA not block the apple and Google, micro-blog did not block WeChat, TOYOTA, Tesla may not block the general is tomorrow, Lenovo and HUAWEI may not stop millet, Lining will soon stop Anta, PEAK;

e-commerce is a revolution of commercial revolution, productivity across age, realize the efficient allocation of social resources, the traditional retail industry in the hierarchy: channel management of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers have been replaced by the e-commerce platform, a direct implementation of the B2C, C2C, F2C (factory to customer), e-commerce has brought Science controlled commercial service support to the enterprise, supply chain integration, electronic inventory, sales and marketing system, e-commerce itself represents the advanced productive forces, to achieve a flat sales, manufacturers more appropriate consumers, so that consumers become a fan of the economy itself to improve the products, product manager, sales manager;

millet forum is a good example of a product developed after the first into the trial session, the user through the millet forum user feedback opinion continued, shorten the time, fans continued to affect the potential user side for rapid iteration of products, advertising costs are saved, not fight the soldier, this is the best marketing;

met in the traditional enterprise transformation of the electricity supplier on a business level do not good enough; the face of a new business model, human nature is safe, the traditional security represents, actually changes unceasingly in the process, warm boiled frog, when you want to change can be like NOKIA missed the best period of transition the opportunity is fleeting,.

how to adapt to the risks and opportunities of e-commerce:

one, the change of the horizon is the first step, to look at a new thing with a vision, the vision of how far can go far, do not let the mind bound ourselves;

two, changes in organizational structure is the second step, we must quickly establish their own e-commerce sector;

three, embrace change is the third step, in the face of incremental market must be bold changes in e-commerce, the stock market can be carried out o2o business, the use of mobile terminals to enhance consumer interaction.

do not be hurt by the electricity supplier, only embrace change to meet the challenges of traditional enterprises in the new world to bright.


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