Jingdong seemingly unlimited scenery in ts loopholes appeared one after another

Jingdong mall this year to sit on the rapid development of the electricity supplier market express, Jingdong has become a Taobao, Tmall after another online shopping pronoun. Every step of the expansion of the Jingdong has been widely concerned in the industry, in the infinite scenery of Jingdong, its shortcomings are gradually exposed. Although Jingdong in the electricity supplier market share temporarily become the first domestic B2C, but the rapid growth of Jingdong has made it more and more problems appear. Public opinion has the praise from the Jingdong into the Jingdong public opinion questioned, coupled with the defection of industry competition, 2012 is one of the most important concerns the success or failure of the Jingdong, because of the huge plot of Jingdong will be announced in 2013. (text / Wang Liyang)

Jingdong rapid expansion caused by poor service

According to

released in the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "2011 year China e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report", the complaint is ranked first in taobao.com (26.2%), while ranking second in the mall is Jingdong (24.7%). Has always been to the mall and Jingdong C quality itself class platform taobao.com sellers complaint rate not much difference between this report to Jingdong, the mall a hard slap in the face.


mall in the expansion of product category and generous investment in the construction of logistics at the same time in the recruitment of new staff, but the Jingdong run mall is too fast, the enterprise service quality has serious development can not keep up the pace of the company. With the gradual expansion of the e-commerce market, online shopping consumers gradually mature, the electricity supplier market is no longer the only type of competition and the price of the product, but also to pay attention to the service. Because of industry competition, the same goods bought in many electronic business platform, and the price is not much difference between. When the electricity supplier price war has been the ultimate road, should start to retain more consumer service station. Jingdong complaint rate in 2011 to its future development has left a hidden danger. The recent problems about luxury Jingdong makes easy to pronounce advertisements "selected from genuine fakes, not from genuine inside selected goods; call your parents, as the quality of sperm, has become a joke.

luxury brands expressed dissatisfaction with Jingdong

recently, SWAROVSKI, Louis Weedon, Gucci, Coach, Prada and other luxury brands have launched an attack to the collective business, said the statement is not authorized to sell its products Chinese business website. The Jingdong will bear the brunt of the fall mall stood in the teeth of the storm. But the Jingdong mall confidently responded that the sales of Jingdong and its website 360top website on luxury goods from informal channels, suppliers and brands have the legal qualification, goods complete formalities with normal commercial invoice. This is true and false, who knows?

buy is to buy luxury goods brand, but brands do not sell goods on approval of electronic business platform, the consumers enough to buy luxury goods in business platform where the meaning? That is self satisfied vanity. Now luxury electricity supplier is facing the problem of domestic luxury

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