Consumer experience is the top priority to do e commerce platform optimization

no matter how many companies hang in the electronic commerce project, no matter how much money to burn, we have a consensus, that is the electronic commerce is the trend of development of the Internet in the future, even if that is not good to do is to continue to go forward. Many operators of e-commerce companies are trying to find their own way, from the commodity, customer service, logistics, after-sales and then to the maintenance of consumers, each process requires the completion of excellence. And all of our efforts, we are not difficult to analyze the core, it is all for the consumer experience, all of which reflects the consumer experience is the most important thing to do e-commerce.

why is it that consumer experience is the top priority of e-commerce? What is the purpose of doing e-commerce?. Then the consumer is God, consumers want to buy the consumer’s mind and needs to know. Just like our pursuit of a favorite girl, only to meet her standards, know what she likes, care about her can make her happy, then this girl is hard to refuse you. Similarly, in order to meet the needs of consumers, consumers love to make the consumer experience, only they, liking the consumers have good experience will really continue next time consumption or consumption, can we truly profitable business platform development! Do e-commerce platform for consumers to experience what is


a shopping consumer experience

e-commerce platform page design is very important, because it is directly related to the consumer’s shopping experience, you need to let consumers have a good design and convenient consumer experience. We need to do: clear and comprehensive product classification (according to the screening of different attributes of the price, sales volume, classification, functions and specifications is essential), the search bar position on the platform is easy to find, the overall style is consistent, beautiful and uniform website color collocation, key commodities the picture is clear and beautiful and generous, outstanding commodity. The types of goods is complete, clear, concise and easy to understand text, web pages open faster. Of course, we need to pay attention to is that the process of registration and purchase should be as simple as possible, payment and security. The main shopping experience is the above process, as long as the real completion of these details of the optimization, then your consumer experience is half the success.

two, service consumer experience

mainly refers to the satisfaction of customer service experience in the shopping process. We can be divided into pre consumer queries, consulting, the sale of help, guidance, after sale, etc. are included in this process. For these problems the author thinks that it is not difficult to do, we can start from the three "degree", namely: speed, attitude, professional degree, that is specific for us to answer consumer questions fast response speed, better service attitude, to have a professional degree.

three, distribution consumer experience

when you finish optimizing the shopping experience and service experience

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