The Jingdong was a press supplier continued harsh terms or only for small businesses

days ago, some netizens drying out and Jingdong mall agreement, Jingdong accused the mall through the "overlord clause" to squeeze suppliers, suppliers should pay the entrance fee, gross profit guarantee fees. Yesterday, Jingdong mall, told reporters that no comment on market rumors. According to the reporter survey, some home appliance brands that have not paid fees and other fees. Some analysts said the harsh terms or only for small businesses.

four terms provoke controversy

February 8th, a netizen in micro-blog drying out of the mall and the supplier’s supplementary agreement. Agreement provides that the supplier must ensure that Jingdong mall 20% gross margin, and gross profit of not less than $1 million, the supplier must pay Jingdong 200 thousand brand service fee. In addition to these two charges, there are media reports, Jingdong mall also requires suppliers to supply at the lowest price, as well as an advertising fee.

these terms are known by some netizens as "King clause". Reporters yesterday to call the relevant person in charge of Jingdong mall, the official said, no comment on market rumors.

reporter contacted the part of Jingdong mall supplier, but the argument is different. The head of a small household electrical appliance supplier, told reporters that they give the supply price of all online stores are consistent, there is no minimum supply price that. Another supplier Donlim e-commerce center director Xia Huahui said there is no entry fee, but Jingdong will charge a service fee, the number of points to be similar to other platforms.

reporter also interviewed TCL, Vatti, SKYWORTH, LG, YADU, panda and other manufacturers, have said there is no previous description of the situation.

Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that the "electronic commerce, Jingdong and suppliers are unified, but there may be a problem of uneven distribution of benefits."

terms or only for small businesses

users drying out of the agreement, Party A requires Party B in the party platform sales within the contract period (ie, a year) shall not be less than 5 million yuan.

is a home appliance manufacturer insiders told reporters that the Jingdong’s products in sales last year was about seventy million, 5 million is a small business, Jingdong may be only for small brands to set up harsh terms and different brands of small charges are not the same, this is the two sides of the game."

home appliance expert Liu Buchen said that many brands choose e-commerce because of the low price, if received a variety of other fees, the e-commerce will have no advantage. He also said, "the Jingdong a year operating income is three billion, China appliance market year sales reached about 1300000000000, the Jingdong has not qualified for this."

According to the

appliance business insiders revealed that the current household electrical appliance enterprises to the electronic commerce enterprise supply in two ways, one is to buy the business, to the site of the rebate is a bit higher; the other is a joint venture, rebate is relatively low. At present, the common way of joint venture. "In general, the lowest point of TV, 7%>

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