The boss of Shanghai cooperation network network wine shop floor to be optimistic about the potentia

news November 9th, with Shanghai wine boss and holding its music as ecological wine enterprises network network signed a strategic cooperation agreement, "wine boss – Shanghai cooperation network network shop" has unveiled a new. It is reported that Shanghai wine boss more than and 100 retail chains will gradually replace the door. At the same time, the global private network network quality brand has settled part of the wine store owner.


wine boss – Shanghai cooperation network network shop "unveiled a new

replace the door is only a beginning of bilateral strategic cooperation landing, indicates the two sides exploration program officially launched ecological integration O2O. Analysts said that the ecological gene network network will boost cooperation between the two sides into the deep water area, the two sides together to really break the wine industry chain brand integration of the line with the electricity supplier predicament.

both hands after steadily advancing the strategic landing

recently, Shanghai wine boss some outlets have been marked for wine boss – Shanghai cooperation network network shop". Among them, in addition to the two sides of LOGO joint appearance, door head also unified display 4000519519 (network network call center), the initial realization of user service based open. A clerk said, is expected in the near future, Shanghai area users can online orders, drinks wine line boss community store nearest distribution, to provide convenient service for users to experience the wine.

network network and wine boss has begun to promote strategic cooperation landing. The reporter interviewed found that the network network Grote Gloryt, fire rose Naynay global private high-quality brand products have been settled wine shop boss.

Based on the

protocol, its global quality brand and core products in the future network network owns will sink to the wine shop owner, the boss’s main wine liquor, Wine, Yellow Wine and other core products will also be stationed in network network B2C platform. In addition to opening up the channels, the two sides will open the integration of upstream supply chain products and resources. Master of wine, wine boss beer, liquor, and other categories of Yellow Wine core supply chain resources will be incorporated into the music as ecological wine, network network will realize from import to Wine liquor, Yellow Wine whole category expansion. In addition, the two sides will open up the membership system, management system, promote the standardization of services and operations, fine management, etc..

strategic cooperation agreement involving products, channels, members, brands, operations and other core level. In this regard, both sides said, will jointly develop O2O mode of ecological integration, deep in Shanghai as the core of the East China market.

, in fact, a month before the boss and the wine network network signed a strategic cooperation, wine boss and Gerd Ying Xiang "break up" just broke the news. After a month, the boss and the wine network network quickly hand and quickly promote strategic cooperation preliminary landing, its move was causing concern to the industry.

online and offline complementary cooperation to expand the market in East China


network network and co owner of the wine, "

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