Xu Xiaolan members vigorously develop rural e commerce

rural e-commerce is an important way to realize informatization and develop rural economy in rural areas." CPPCC National Committee, the Party Central Committee Xu Xiaolan in an interview with reporters said.

as vice president Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, Xu Xiaolan has attracted the attention of the field of electronic commerce, in her opinion, the electronic commerce is one of the representative of the new economy, it is widely applied to significantly boost the development of the third industry, create a lot of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and in promoting innovation, financing mode small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the transformation of enterprises, establish the evaluation system of the new enterprise credit has played a very active role in economic, social, and China life had a profound impact.

Xu Xiaolan predicted that the next 5-10 years, China’s e-commerce will be 5-10 times the growth space, is expected to 2015, e-commerce online consumers from 150 million in 2009 increased to 500 million people, e-commerce online retail transaction volume will be increased from 263 billion in 2009 to $20000, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods increasing from 2.1% in 2009 to 7%. By then, China will form the world’s largest e-commerce service system, with the world’s first e-commerce application scale.

Xu Xiaolan made special mention of the role of the development of rural e-commerce to promote rural economic development, she said, now in Jiangsu, Xuzhou, Hebei Qinghe County Sha Ji Zhen Dong Gao Zhuang and Zhejiang Yiwu Qingyan Liu Village area, rural electronic commerce as the sparks of fire, have a profound influence on China’s Rural economy.

for the development of rural e-commerce, Xu Xiaolan suggested in the features of e-commerce development cluster significantly in rural areas, promote the implementation of some measures: to establish rural network business park, the park should vigorously develop the logistics, packaging, IT services and other related industries, and provide online business, marketing, management training, provide perfect matching the network service for farmers. To encourage commercial banks to enter the rural areas, carry out the network for small business loans, simplify the loan process, the mortgage reform mechanism, and actively explore the electronic commerce credit loan. To strengthen infrastructure construction, ensure the electric stability, increased bandwidth, and improve the network transaction environment; by the local government led the establishment of product exhibition center, logistics center, raw materials procurement centers, efforts to reduce business transaction costs. To improve the awareness of China’s vast rural areas in the exploration of e-commerce in rural areas, and to lay a solid foundation for the development of e-commerce in rural areas.

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