The operating characteristics of B2C mall and Taobao mall

as a loyal Taobao and Internet enthusiasts, and have the opportunity to engage in e-commerce, with a perspective to focus on e-commerce. To tell the truth, from my 07 years began to register Taobao and online shopping, the rapid development of e-commerce in the past two years, the rise of a large number of B2C mall. E-commerce is really hot in China, Taobao has become a hot word. When e-commerce is hot, the traditional trade enterprises and entrepreneurs will choose e-commerce.

trade traditional enterprises choose to e-commerce transformation is the only way to survive and develop in the market competition. While entrepreneurs choose electronic commerce with less investment, do not need to store the traditional concept of the needed investment, reduce the cost and the threshold, so that e-commerce business with Taobao shop has reached a scale and popular operation. In terms of e-commerce keyword, although it sounds more high-end, professional, conceptual. In fact, for entrepreneurs, access to this field is much lower than the requirements of traditional areas.

Taobao is a no Amoy baby’s social network shopping platform, Taobao allows domestic Internet users to get recognized online shopping behavior. A social network shopping platform, rather than just the website, the platform itself is not selling anything, the platform is essentially a shopping information organization, provided by the user and the commodity platform to spread and create the value of the goods. It is Taobao platform to provide the organization of these goods, so that the value of goods can be effectively applied in the network, and through the application of various concepts and dissemination.

so, business owners and entrepreneurs is to choose the original brand mall, settled in Taobao mall or two and". view is the two and stationed, can show the overall effect, especially in recent years, the development of precipitation in Taobao, has been relatively mature. At this stage, the traditional enterprise aimed at Taobao mall settled, you can give the enterprise to take a big step in e-commerce, but also to increase the sales of a new channel. What is the difference between settled Taobao mall and ordinary shop first with respect to the entire Internet, Taobao mall has the advantages of reputation and customer base, but also reflects the advantages of flexible marketing. Settled in the mall as the initial starting point, homeopathy, the original brand mall to establish corporate image mall, easier to shape the brand. was fortunate to know a clothing e-commerce company, the mall was founded in 2007, and today there is still not much traffic and popularity, product sales unsatisfactory. Although the mall has an independent brand image and brand, in fact, wandering in the starting line. think the traditional industry to choose e-commerce, is not difficult and not difficult, depending on the perspective of e-commerce and positioning, as well as the site’s operating strategy. About the enemy, online and offline marketing uncertain choice, fuzzy operation strategy is the biggest bottleneck. The B2C mall location is relatively accurate, but hard to determine price competitiveness, relying on the third party product quality and design, imperfect marketing.

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