Drop down the Amazon direct mail sea Amoy threshold China freight


] September 5th news billion state power network, on the end of the month the United States Amazon in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, to expand the direct mail service message Chinese caused widespread concern, domestic cross-border electricity supplier industry at the same time, also sparked a lot of domestic consumers sea Amoy enthusiasm. The day before, there is news that the United States will be significantly reduced the Amazon direct mail shipping, further promote the service’s influence.

is part of the sea Amoy users to disclose billion state power network, found in the United States Amazon shopping orders, many commodities have significantly lowered the direct mail Chinese freight, but there is no official explanation or notice. Therefore, it is speculated that this policy may be in the process of debugging, shortly before the formal mass.

the user pointed out that take the same skin care products, for example, last month to buy this product in the United States Amazon, the cost of up to $7.11, but the current freight is only $2.09, the cost of a substantial decline.

a skin care products now direct mail shipping for $2.09

the same product last month direct mail fee of $7.11

is reported that, at present, is not consistent with a portion of the goods freight standard American Amazon, but said it will have a message in "AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping (an average of 9 to 15 days)" standard delivery service, send mail China freight to $1.99 per pound plus a small order service fee. It is estimated that the small service fee may be $1.99.

billion state power network learned previously, the United States has been in the Amazon direct mail shipping has made tentative adjustments, such as footwear, proprietary products launched a $150 free mail service Chinese. This business is called "AmazonGlobal Shoes Saver", originally only supports two countries in Mexico and singapore. But Amazon announced the launch of cross-border electricity supplier in China and expand the direct mail service, this service will also include Chinese mainland and Hongkong. Now, the majority of products website slashed direct mail China freight, the strong momentum of the development of business in china.

a person to the sea Amoy billion state power network said, before Chinese consumers mainly through three ways: one is in the United States Amazon shopping orders directly on the site, find their own transport company sent home; the two is to find the United States purchasing in the shopping site, and then sent home by purchasing; three is through the purchase of domestic the Amazon shopping guide website.

and Amazon direct mail refers to the consumers to buy the United States Chinese website after the goods, shipped directly from the United States, consumers served by international transport. Although this approach is convenient for consumers, but the cost is often prohibitive. Today, the United States China freight Amazon direct mail dropped, reducing the sea Amoy threshold, is bound to attract a large number of consumer groups.

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