Electric commercial analysis in the end pipe network about cars regardless of the micro finance and

, Beijing, December (Xinhua) – Six: how to open the door of consumer protection – the focus of e-commerce legislation draft analysis

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Jiaxin, Li Yahong, and

19, People’s Republic of China e-commerce law (Draft) for the first time to the NPC Standing Committee, which is China’s first comprehensive electricity supplier in the field of law.

has been lagging behind the legislative and regulatory gaps so that the development of electricity providers face many contradictions and problems. How to protect the rights of consumers around the online shopping, how to protect personal privacy, electricity providers how to tax regulations and other issues, the reporter combing the six major focus of the draft electricity supplier law.

micro business, the network about the car is not standardized object


over the years, sharing the economy, O2O, social networks, the rapid development of Internet banking, resulting in a series of problems, causing different views and voices. Activities in these areas, in the end what belongs to the scope of the electricity supplier law norms


according to the draft, the electricity supplier refers to the electronic commerce, refers to the Internet through the information network for commodity trading or service transactions business activities. Where the laws or administrative regulations provide special provisions for the trading of goods or services, such provisions shall apply.

Shi Yuzhi, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, deputy director of the survey pointed out that the

business activities generally refers to the purpose of sustainable business activities. If a natural person using the Internet to sell second-hand goods, unused items and self-produced agricultural products, which belongs to the accidental behavior, is not persistent, do not apply this law.

industry insiders believe that, in a broad sense, online insurance, online securities trading, network and other vehicles are owned by the Internet service transactions business activities. However, due to its special nature, financial services are not the focus of this law.

does not limit the scope of electronic commerce, but also to take into account the rapid development of electricity providers and the reality of innovation, should not be solidified, stagnant." Peking University law school professor Xue Jun said.

fried letter "of the wind can be stopped


this year CCTV "3· 15 party" exposed the numerous network scalping shady, a number of electronic business platform has become the hardest hit single brush. Because the business is hot, a lot of brush single group for a vest, still doing fast".

single brush not only mislead consumers, but also disrupt the order of market competition, the overall credibility of the industry damage. Not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries invited 8 Internet Co, jointly signed the anti fried letter information sharing agreement, specifically to combat the network speculation letter behavior.

draft, not damage the electronic commerce credit evaluation behavior, including fictitious transactions, delete negative evaluation, compensation or other favorable conditions for the evaluation form, in order to enhance the business reputation of themselves or others, and issued false credit rating.

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