Easy fast on line emergency station system 3C September promotion war parity overweight

"8.15" electricity supplier price war has not disappeared, before the real business sales peak "golden nine silver ten" the arrival, and lasted to the battlefield between the business enterprise and comparison website. Yesterday, a Amoy network issued a notice that Jingdong mall in the site to join the interference code, resulting in the user can not normally start a Amoy Tao Tao Tao’s parity function. Although the Jingdong store explained that a cat is its rival Alibaba’s website, but still be some friends as a Jingdong in 815 broke the mall business after World War after the first price reduction, counter false promotion information behavior.

fast and easy online parity station system

The reporter saw

in micro-blog, including Dangdang, Gome (micro-blog), website and Kuba take the hit the banner of price support. In the 8.15 electricity supplier war which stands out in the fast and easy network today also told reporters that even if the Jingdong screened a Amoy network, easy fast will also go on parity with Jingdong.

easy fast network operator Pan Biao told reporters, as early as the first half of this year, Yi Xun secretly developed their own station parity system, and during the 8.15 trial run on the line. The system will automatically grab the Jingdong per hour rivals such as price, then the Jingdong mall price index is set to 100, if the price is lower than the Jingdong. A price index, Yi Xun is shown as 99, and so on. Prior to the fast and easy Jingdong and the price is entirely artificial browsing.

Pan Biao said that every hour, the category operations manager Yi Xun will receive automatic system issued by such a statement, and then they will hand the price according to the report, especially in sales of high explosion goods, make sure the price competitiveness. Yi Xun from September to the end of December, hope the average price index maintained at around 97, which is 3 points lower than the Jingdong.

it is understood that the system only in the background operation, the future will likely show to the product page, consumers can directly see the Jingdong, Suning and other platform of the same product price when shopping.

and parity data from Amoy network also showed that although the price war died down trend. But in the 3C category, Yi Xun network has been ranked in the top second at a low price. The data from the NetEase also shows that the price war is also the only fast and easy network prices continued to decline in the electricity supplier business.

wants to compete in the national and Jingdong

however, although easy fast in the competition which has always been the Jingdong as a benchmark opponent, but before the date of the Jingdong (micro-blog) mall CEO Liu Qiangdong told a media interview that "fast and easy scale is too small, in the past 50 years, the Jingdong will not play fast and easy".

this, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi told reporters responded: "the price war is not intended to respond to the Jingdong, but with the real price and quality service to grab the market, as long as consumers benefit, market response.

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