Start with a shirt A new type of millet customer business

text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui

in yesterday’s press conference and have revealed that millet is holding a letter of invitation temperament: Akesu cotton board, the theme is "a shirt", place the election in 798.

conference site, the old wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans, behind the screen is black and white bottom font PPT. He introduced a shirt for one hour, from the material to the fabric, from the version to the huge font color, until the "$129", the scene applause, this kind of temperament reached a climax.

is a thing of the past, let it go! "This is the old speech at the end of a sentence, the past year of ups and downs, struggle, confusion, pain, to draw a sentence, to learn millet, where customers become the new theme of re start, the future.

from the entire category to the explosion of a single product

for a product at a press conference that in every guest history is not seen. A shirt what is good about? Cotton, fabric, craft, style, pattern, and even buttons, lint, aged on the podium as the introduction of mobile phone configuration like introduces 80 aspects of wash and wear shirts.

"It stands to reason., aged in an interview after repeatedly mentioned the word, every detail of the design behind his shirt that must be able to speak the truth. He took millet analogy, before millet, who can think of a mobile phone has so many stories to tell it?

from the beginning of 09 is not very concerned about the product of the old, most of the time in the past year has spent in this shirt, he went from the city and the country, Japan, Vietnam, understand the market, looking for suppliers, and sought to do shirt 35 years Japanese designer Ji Wu, the founding team of GU brand UNIQLO’s.

80 is regarded as the old iron shirt where the start key, although the cost is very high, but the final price is 129 yuan, Chen said: "in a highly cost-effective shirt to give users a confession, to restore the user’s heart, this is the best reason for customer return."

millet explosion of a single product "is used to play old shirt, invite 1000 bank employees, civil servants, 4S shops and insurance employees, IT project male, teacher, the groom and the stylist on September 1st sale, timing.

at the same time, where the customer has the original 190 thousand SKU (stock) reduced to two hundred or three hundred, and concentrated in the shirt, jeans, canvas shoes, and several other categories.

from thirteen thousand to three hundred

where the customer not only in the product category substantially reduced, staff size is from thirteen thousand down to more than and 300, with only five or six hundred warehousing, customer service.

Vintage reflection, "where in a very short period of time for a big company disease, recruit a lot of people come in is useless, it is not.

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