Chongqing version of Taobao to allow China to sell direct European and American GE Microsoft also pa

is now one hundred thousand foreigners each have started browsing shopping in a full English website — "dragon net", in 36 hours after the order in favor of their goods will be delivered directly to their hands. These overseas consumers still do not know the user experience with local website is almost the same as the dragon network, its headquarters was in the distant Chongqing, commodity also is to "make Chinese multinational". Soft Island Technology CEO Feng Jianfeng created the dragon network, under his now there are more than and 30 similar sites. Relying on a network of transnational direct selling, soft Island Technology in foreign trade background but they blocked the U.S. market, Chongqing has become the largest Internet Co overseas venture has also come in a throng.

GE Microsoft also come to patronize

by the economic cold wave impact, American consumers this year also gradually Wujin pocket. Large web sites such as Feng Jianfeng’s is at this time appear in front of US consumers, and they play the parity with similar American shopping network slogan, goods from China, the average price level compared with other sites is equivalent to 40 percent off.

the price advantage that they quickly became popular this year, only a large dragon network website traffic, from the last million daily visits to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every day now, even GE, Intel, Microsoft and other global giants in their website to buy office supplies.

Europe and the United States has yet to know that our website is headquartered in china." Feng Jianfeng said. This year, following the California logistics warehouse, they also built a new logistics warehouse in Shenzhen, the warehouse will be used for the purchase of products and convenient circulation. At present, American consumers during the day in order online, the rest at night when it is Chinese during the day, they will immediately purchase delivery, a Chinese goods arrive in the United States consumers time only about 36 hours.

revenue reached last year’s 300%

Feng Jianfeng said that this year, a lot of foreign trade enterprises in the same period the performance of the chain fell, while the soft Island Technology revenue reached 300% last year. Through the Internet, soft island in the west of Chongqing, with the lowest cost to do direct sales, avoid the middle layers of the channel, only a mobile phone holster gross profit can reach 80%, the high profitability that soft Island speeding expansion, is expected to double the size of the recent staff. According to reports, the soft island is currently rented a part of the office of the temple of the World Plaza, the relocation of its call center.

looking overseas venture market

it is understood that the current overseas investment institutions are highly concerned about the soft Island, a lot of VCs active door. Feng Jianfeng told reporters, in Europe and the United States, each home has "Chinese made", the goods they buy online are basically from China, but known China brand is not much, he was conceived by dragon network series website platform to build several overseas well-known brand China. Soft island has been listed on the conditions.

employee assessment

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