Australia Alibaba accelerate the layout of Globalization

local time on January 6th, the Alibaba group and Australia (GS1 Australia) encoding goods center signed a strategic cooperation memorandum in Melbourne, the establishment of traceability mechanism "in February this year, the Alibaba ANZ headquarters in Melbourne team will start operation." In January 6th, Alibaba ANZ department director general manager Zhou Lan told reporters in Melbourne, this is the Alibaba established institutions in the United States, Japan and other countries, another important measure of accelerating globalization layout.

earlier, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm · Turnbull specially in G20 during a visit to the Alibaba, and the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma witnessed the Alibaba and the Australian Trade and Investment Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote Australia brand by Alibaba to enter the China.


chemist warehouse in Melbourne logistics center, covers an area of over 30 thousand square meters, daily distribution of goods about 500000 data show that since the implementation of the Australia FTA agreement, Australia in the rapid development of electronic commerce, electronic business platform Tmall has become the largest volume of goods in australia. More than 1300 Australian brands settled Tmall, Tmall international, which is the first to enter the Chinese market for 80% brands. 2016 Tmall double 11, Australian goods in Tmall sales rose to fourth place in the world. Exclusive cooperation in Australia’s largest pharmacy Chemist Warehouse has become the first cross-border trading platform for China’s first single billion businesses.

Alibaba’s globalization strategy and local localization to combine ", Zhou Lan said," Australia team as a Alibaba group local operations team in Australia and New Zealand, since its establishment in March 2016, starting from the local business needs, to help businesses, Alibaba e-commerce ecosystem in the most suitable for their development platform."


chemist warehouse consumers in the store to buy goods in October 2016, Alipay Australia’s largest commercial bank and Bank of Commonwealth of Australia signed a memorandum of cooperation, both sides will use the technology and platform of their own, provide convenience for Chinese consumers. Now, Chinese tourists and students in Australia can use Alipay consumer, Australian consumers can also use Alipay shopping in the Alibaba’s website.

November 2016, Alibaba owned subsidiary of cloud computing Ali cloud in Australia announced its data center in Sydney officially opened operations, became the first to set up Ali cloud data center in the southern hemisphere.

in addition, the rookie network opened in Australia, the first global order fulfillment center (Global Fulfillment Center, referred to as GFC), Chinese consumers in the

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