Cold fireworks online sell Taobao calls for franchising

days ago, Beijing municipal government office issued the relevant provisions of fireworks, fireworks is strictly prohibited online sales behavior, once discovered will immediately investigate.

February 9th, the reporter in the Taobao online keyword "cold fireworks", that pops up more than 3000 pieces of "baby".

Taobao public and customer communication department official explained to reporters, the country does not have a license for the operation of the cold fireworks requirements, so it allows the seller to the goods shelves".

"diameter, particle cold fireworks once more than a certain range, whether it is inflatable or discharge type, have a certain power, after the explosion will have a certain strength, also belong to the dangerous goods, consumers should be careful," China fireworks network official said in accepting the "daily economic news" interview.

the official also admitted to reporters, the relevant departments of the country has not yet introduced a clear definition of cold fireworks, so the regulation is a problem. However, the State Administration of work safety of fireworks Department official said in accepting the "daily economic news" interview, "as long as there is a risk of the product, it should not be sold on the internet".

"cold fireworks" non fireworks?

Spring Festival is approaching, the major cities of fireworks sales outlets have appeared in the streets.

according to the reporter, Tianjin City Administration Bureau also provides businesses, whether or not obtain fireworks retail sales qualifications in the relevant departments, also regardless of whether the regular fireworks products, are not in the online sale of fireworks.

Tianjin Development Zone Administration of hazardous, a staff member told reporters that all Tianjin fireworks business units must be held by Tianjin City Administration Bureau "fireworks business license". The staff member said, although there is a big difference between cold fireworks and ordinary fireworks, but also belong to flammable and explosive products, the Internet should not be allowed to sell".

, however, online sales of cold fireworks is still hot. Reporters in the Taobao cold fireworks keyword, there are more than 3300 kinds of related goods. Among them, the fireworks in Hunan and Shanghai to sell more home.

, a seller in Hunan, told reporters that their products are from the regular manufacturers direct purchase, absolute quality assurance. The seller also said that this year’s Lunar New Year’s day and Valentine’s Day is the same day, heart-shaped hand-held fireworks sales are good, the buyer is also in order to map a lucky".

Chinese fireworks network official said to reporters, because the definition of cold fireworks is more complex, so the relevant departments of the state did not introduce relevant policies.

the person in charge said that now the cold fireworks is a fireworks form in the fuzzy state, "although some are cold fireworks, but unlike, such as smoke, smoke. There are some between the cold fireworks and ordinary fireworks, are not clearly defined. Although some local regulations, but the implementation of the

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