Fresh Three Kingdoms Jingdong Ali Amazon has sounded the clarion call

introduction: 3 fruit electricity supplier Hushang some busy, every day, easy network, delicious fruit orchard 77, three they stood behind the big three.


recent fruit fresh, lively up suddenly.

on the two day, the Jingdong $70 million investment led the orchard every day things solid; and the Alibaba early at the end of last year, investment to fruit net; interestingly, Amazon also announced to the long fresh Museum, including delicious 77, 21cake, China, Tahiti Dole and Zhangzi island. Among them, delicious 77 is China’s strategic partner in the amazon. May 16, 2014, Amazon has announced a $20 million investment in shares delicious 77.

the three fruit electricity supplier in Shanghai headquarters, the Yangtze River Delta is the fruit business top three, behind the corresponding three giants, Jingdong, Alibaba + + orchard every day, delicious fruit easy Amazon + 77, living on a three fruit.

current sales ranking, the orchard every day day sales of nearly 5 million, is the industry’s first absolute; easy fruit is reported monthly sales of five or six million; sales of 77 delicious, not disclosed.

hold the thigh to the vertical electricity supplier to bring what?

for the giants, this is the harvest season, for the vertical electricity supplier, this is the time to integrate resources, the popular name of the thigh.

how do they hold their thighs?

Jingdong and every orchard cooperation, the industry view, this is a heaven-made match. The reason is that the latter is particularly needed for the distribution of Jingdong, and every day in the fresh supply chain orchard professional level is the most valued Jingdong layout.

orchard fruit every day is very good, the supply chain is also good, the supply chain of fruit is more difficult to do this expansion of other categories is relatively easy, but the expansion has been limited by the distribution. A few years ago in Shanghai surrounding the development, their distribution, last year to expand into Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Chengdu, by way of self built logistics distribution + cooperation express, but the loss is more than 10%, more than double the Shanghai.


fresh supply chain so important? The key is the loss of control, the purchase price is what the head, even traffic cost is not small, the effect of loss, because this will seriously affect the repeat.


express can do two times a day to send, after the cooperation is open to every orchard, this is really the desire, the most important is that, for every orchard in the national expansion, it is to catch a ride, as long as there is a cold storage, landing send is ready, it saves much time and cost.

next, Liu Qiangdong’s other layout – Jingdong home may make this distribution can be done two hours, an hour, or even half an hour.


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