Seize the last wave of promoting flow of 2017 Taobao released special purchases for the Spring Festi

Abstract: the 2017 festival will open a special purchases for the Spring Festival Taobao New Year Carnival feast, officially start time for the January 8, 2017 to 11, at present, the venue and activities outside of registration have already begun.

news December 7th, Taobao announced the 2017 Taobao Festival registration process, special purchases for the Spring Festival activity flow and resource support, investment rules, trading rules and other aspects of the content. Currently, the event has been started, the venue will be signed on December 23, 2016, the external application deadline in January 11, 2017.

year big promotion, the main new year.

as the beginning of the year 2017 the first important promotion, 2017 special purchases for the Spring Festival festival will open a New Year Carnival feast of Taobao. The official start of the event for January 8, 2017 to 11, the venue warm-up time is from January 5, 2017 to 7. Currently, the venue and peripheral activities have begun to register, December 27th will be announced the results of the audit venue. Specific time rhythm as follows:


compared to other big promotion, due to the approaching new year, emerging businesses more unique special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, for consumers to create a different China years, and feel more new taste. Online business reporter learned that, this section mainly focus on investment special purchases for the Spring Festival food, department stores, flowers with flavor of mind related category, as well as through innovative gameplay, so that consumers in the traditional culture of the spring festival atmosphere to live out the sense of the times.

sellers for the fair merchants, focusing on good products, good sellers

2017 Taobao Taobao for sellers Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival wireless mobile phone business, Taobao will synchronize with

from the venue types, mainly for the venue and the venue. The main venue is the most concentrated area show to promote the quality of the goods and the seller, to promote the flow of resources will be put in the main venue, the venue and the branch venue by food sellers and most excellent goods, through a series of recommendations and racing, show the selection of goods and the strength of the seller; and the venue can be divided into industry branch field, characteristics of the venue, label the venue, new venue.

in addition to the above venue, but also an external field. As with the main venue, "goods", the field also enjoy shopping cart, favorites and a series of key resources to support the traffic channel support. It is reported that the festival will carry out field investment for special purchases for the Spring Festival million sellers unified, more than 10 million of goods will have the opportunity to become a big promotion activity of "goods", sharing special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival feast.

at the same time, the seller in the shop concerned requirements, the main venue of the registration is required to meet the seller sellers market, with " marketing rules" seller qualifications, and from January 1, 2016 onwards are prohibited or serious violations of quality control sampling points up to 6 points and above, the sale of counterfeit goods illegal sellers (due to special case of illegal sale of counterfeit goods, the seller and the 0 point penalty for including the 2015 "

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