Taobao announced that it does not welcome 7 types of search cheating

July 14th morning news, Taobao in July 8th began to adjust the rules of commodity search to make adjustments, the impact of the seller’s service quality on the search results greatly increased weight. The number of disputes, the number of complaints, the dynamic score of the seller and the seller is closely related to the quality of service factors, can affect the baby in the search results in the ranking.


, Taobao announced a "speculation credit, advertising goods, misplaced categories and attributes, the abuse of keywords and the commodity price postage does not match, picture description Title seriously inconsistent" seven search cheating. Taobao search official said, after the adjustment of the search rules, when the seller has the above happens, will be automatically identified, make different search display right down, serious or even shielding in search results. Thus, the integrity of the seller, will be encouraged in the search. The responsible person also reminded the seller, service quality is a combination of factors, if the seller in terms of quality of service excellence, separate a complaint or dispute, will not have much negative impact on the search ranking. said, by monitoring and analysis in the last few days, the new sorting rules to achieve the desired effect, search and overall transaction data showed a rising trend, and many small sellers traffic is also growing. At the same time, many sellers through a variety of channels to provide a lot of good suggestions for improvement, search relevant technical person in charge also said they would consider these suggestions, so that the rules are more perfect. Search rules will be conducive to the adjustment of the small and medium-sized sellers of good faith, and these sellers are firmly supported by Taobao.

search cheat: hype credit

hype credit has been a major blow to Taobao’s dishonest behavior. In order to increase the accumulation of credit for the purpose of the member or through the sale of goods to enhance the popularity of commodity speculation and the release of goods, will be judged as credit hype goods. In addition, some sellers modify the original sales of the title of the commodity, price or picture, after another product to continue to sell, this behavior will be judged as speculation credit.

two: search for cheat repeat distribution

through the release of the same goods to strive for more opportunities to show, directly reducing the search accuracy, reducing the consumer’s shopping experience, but also the focus of Taobao search control. According to the rules of Taobao, the same and the important attributes of the commodity is the same as the goods, only allow the use of a way to sell a release, in violation of this rule, you can determine the issue of repeated punishment. In addition, the shop also belongs repeat repeat distribution behavior.

Taobao reminder, for different commodities, must reflect the different commodity in the commodity title, description, pictures, etc., or they may be determined to repeat distribution.

search cheat three: advertising goods

product description is unknown, there is no actual commodity, only to provide contact information as well as the publisher of non commodity information, as the release of advertising goods. When an advertisement is identified by the system, it is immediately dropped, and

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