Mogujie com social trends in the shopping guide business

Abstract: and beauty has already been regarded as the representative of social business is well deserved, since the first half of 2012, has been a strong concern. On the one hand, itself explosive growth become the electricity supplier industry a new source of traffic, on the other hand, said this beautiful social marketing model achieved impressive success but also to the electricity supplier industry on the implementation of the social marketing corporations and individuals in the infinite daydream space. and the beauty of the positioning and the group is very clear that a small part of this society can not be ignored and will become the leading group of this era – 90. 90 main groups have their own ideas and personality, their pursuit of spiritual enjoyment, not limited to material constraints, their pursuit of fashion is more important to understand the trend, this group is active in various dating platform and network community, is undoubtedly some fashion and jewelry businesses darling. As a 90 including some female friends around me have in the space of the attention of and beauty and often reproduced the contents inside, this localization of mainstream and social marketing pattern of is undoubtedly its success key can not be ignored.

on this point, co-founder, CEO June also expressed their views and insights:

ten years earlier we said all walks of life will be changed by Internet, so today we can say that all walks of life everything will be social change, this society can be understood broadly as more and more people are high density network connection, many things can not be achieved can be achieved, the original can not imagine imagine.

it’s a big background. It’s too big for us.

on shopping guide model of the core business value of June also revealed his own views: for the user, the user to do shopping decisions. Reflected in two aspects: first, too many things to help users find the right; the second is the user does not know what is appropriate, to help users find suitable products. For businesses, is a new marketing channel.

on and beauty of success, we have to rethink the great potential and the charm of social business marketing, every day in the share and buy goods and too many to count through mutual sharing and display network, still spread a virus type commodity fashion information, changing a lot of people’s consumption habits, the is the key to the success of social business.

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