Jingdong 3C Carnival weekend launch full stop to enjoy the preferential reduction

home braved the cold wind in the winter, but shopping bring pleasure to drive away the cold! This weekend, Jingdong 3C for consumers to elaborate multiple welfare activities, let you in this winter is no longer cold! Mobile phone products, including HUAWEI Mate vivo X9 9, including a variety of new mobile phone panic buying. Also enjoy 12 ious free digital products; Apple iPad, Mini 2 the lowest to 1699 yuan, Armani smart watch IT, shock struck; ASUS GR8 II -TGP BOX strong starting peak, super thin notebook the price to 799 yuan! In addition boutique books, travel and life featured accessories all offer on a huge discount, let you feel the sincerity of the full warmth in this cold winter weekend


PC link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/yuteUJZbmQV.html

APP link: http://s.h5.m.jd.com/active/HCJCJxJXkS2TbDCz1AzAwwpCSAV/index.html


limited concessions run the major category of seckill come in a throng of

this weekend is a special limited seckill big gathering, star studded. The first round of the November 26th 10 limited seckill fully opened to 14, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 straight down 300 yuan, only 6688 yuan, vivo X7 full Netcom gold version for only 2497 yuan; 14 points to 18 points, HUAWEI Mate 9 64G version for only 3978 yuan, the apple iPhone7 mobile phone protection shell Yi set straight down 14 yuan only 25 yuan; 18 points to 22 points, depending on the 1Pro version of the silver price 100 yuan, the price of 999 yuan, the 15.6 inch 911-S1g gaming notebook straight down 2000 yuan, only 7999 yuan. The 27 day: 10 seckill activities continue to point to the 14 point, the macro? SQX4650 740N commercial desktop computer price 500 yuan, only 3499 yuan, and only Alfa 1S intelligent robot magic price only 2599 yuan; 14 points to 18 points, Meizu Charm Blue note3 mobile phone only 809 yuan, AOC E970SWN5 18.5 inch LED LCD only 539 yuan; 18 points to 22 points, the apple iPhone 5S 16G gold version of the price of 1968 yuan, the EPSON L360 printer machine straight down 50 yuan, only 949 yuan. So awesome price, do not know if you have no heart?

explosive new models Qi arrived a number of good goods Xpress election

The Jingdong

3C weekend carnival on the most dazzling "Star" is a variety of explosion models and new products, everything you have to look good. November 26th, A>