The electricity supplier post holiday syndrome B2B website address weapon

after the Spring Festival popular "post holiday syndrome", many people feel tired, yawn talk, inattention, dizziness and other symptoms also. This is the "holiday syndrome" performance. Similar to the e-commerce business is also infected with the disease, many online business transactions during the Spring Festival bleak, sharp decline in product sales. Now, the end of the holiday, how to change this situation, the B2B website is your weapon to solve.

Formation of

1, the electricity supplier "holiday syndrome"The formation of

business "post holiday syndrome" for a variety of reasons. Company holiday, logistics tension, year-end summary, and so on, these are well-known. The fundamental reasons for the formation of the electricity supplier "post holiday syndrome", is that many commercial enterprises rely on the domestic market, and pay little attention to the foreign market. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the establishment of the electricity supplier business English stand. Relevant data show that the size of the domestic enterprise website has exceeded 15 million in the first half of 2011, and the proportion of these enterprises in the English language is almost negligible.

2, the electricity supplier "post holiday syndrome" solution

to solve the electricity supplier "holiday syndrome", it is necessary to establish the enterprise English station, English station opened by foreign e-commerce market. According to the survey, more and more electricity supplier companies will look to the English station, but because of language problems, technical issues, personnel issues and so on, these English stand few successful. Statistics show that only part of the selection of the world’s Web site B2B web site, the establishment of the English station electricity supplier companies received a good effect. These electricity supplier companies, relying on the world’s factory network free enterprise English stand to get a large number of foreign orders, to ensure that the product sales during the spring festival. This will fundamentally avoid the risk of "post holiday syndrome".

3, B2B site business English stand on the role of the electricity supplier

to establish a B2B site enterprise English station, the electricity supplier companies to explore the huge role of foreign markets. According to the author’s understanding, there are about 85% of the small and medium enterprises self built English station, few people maintain or update, let alone the role of. According to statistics, the world factory network free of charge to establish the English station, the effect is the best. The world factory ip200 million, and from home and abroad more than 1300 purchase information, these are self English cannot stand. In the world factory on the Internet to establish the English station, can bring a lot of foreign customers and orders. In the establishment of excellent B2B Website Business English station, the role of the electricity supplier business is immeasurable.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, China has entered the era of e-commerce in twenty-first Century, or no business can be the era. Build and use B2B on the site English station, e-commerce enterprises will be a bright prospect, in order to fundamentally solve the electricity supplier "holiday syndrome".