Talking about China’s nternet e commerce B2B

The nature and significance of

B2B industry:

in the Internet business from the long view, the website of B2B market is far less than B2C or even C2C (B2B’s market size is huge, but the nature of the Internet in the B2B network in which the company can obtain profit is extremely limited, even as the B2B) is an electronic commerce application the Internet is essential. The essence of B2B e-commerce is a low cost, high efficiency information platform and network transaction service provider.

China’s traditional business areas have two characteristics:

1: the transaction between the enterprise and the enterprise is very complex, the trade between enterprises is accompanied by many complex factors.

two: traditional business is largely affected by the influence of geographical and personal connections, which seriously affect the efficiency of enterprises.

B2B appears to solve the two major problems, one is to allow enterprises to sell and purchase the scope of the object has become more broad. Second, B2B can effectively complete the transaction between enterprises from the Internet without wasting too much money and practice.

domestic B2B industry Web site analysis:

B2B: at this stage the development trend of

domestic B2B e-commerce began in 1999, compared with the well-known B2B website of Alibaba, HC, China chemical network, Dunhuang network, global resources and vertical industry website B2B.

in the first half of 2010, China’s online B2B market size of 3 billion 330 million, an increase of 20.2%, an increase of 7.4%. The fourth quarter of 2010 B2B e-commerce market share of income in which Alibaba for 73.1% market share, global resources is 5.8%, HC 2.4%

According to iResearch

data: "the third quarter of 2010 China SMEs B2B e-commerce market monitoring report" shows that the third quarter of 2010, China B2B e-commerce market revenue scale has reached 2 billion 510 million yuan, an increase of 46.6%. Among them, the sharp decline in the market share of Alibaba. While the domestic B2B website, HC from 2009 2.4% market share the double promotion, reached 4.1%, still occupy the domestic domestic B2B website ranking second place.

two: domestic B2B website profit model

data show that in 2006 the global B2B e-commerce market scale has reached 5 trillion and 800 billion US dollars, is expected in the next few years the global B2B annual growth rate will remain at around 45%, in 2010 the global B2B e-commerce market scale reached $26 trillion.

whether it is China or international, B2B e-commerce itself is a huge amount of transactions, compared to the B2B site’s revenue is relatively low, this