Why is the electricity supplier and selling lvjinbujue regulatory issues or moral problems


The development of

business is good in our country, the pace of development of other industries and simply let the shame envy. But in the rapid development of business at the same time, it also exposes some problems difficult to solve, the flooding of counterfeit products has become the current electricity supplier difficult to solve the problem, in fact if counterfeit products can not be effectively inhibited in the electronic business platform or the whole credit system of the electricity industry, the final result is the loss of the entire market, cited the collapse of commercial power.

operations from the 2012 electricity supplier, many electricity providers in the rapid development at the same time, still shouting their losses, the Tencent is an example of the Tencent in 2012 4 billion 400 million of electricity sales, but the losses have reached 32 million 980 thousand, although the loss is a drop in the ocean for the Tencent group, but for the development of the electricity supplier industry, if sales of small, up to more than ten billion profit level, it is hard to say, is must have the scale of market to achieve profitability, but if the rampant fakes, want to achieve economies of scale that is absolutely a distant look.

Taobao double crown selling for future reference, driven by the interests of


in the market of goods if the ox hair, but these goods will suddenly appear fake products, so that consumers impossible to guard against especially some health care products, and cosmetics. There are various kinds of defective products, some time ago the exposure of the Taobao Juhuasuan is not in the group purchase, but rather concentrated in the sale of inventory of defective products, if the sale is genuine it is no problem, the key is to replace the defective goods to genuine, this is undoubtedly the consumer IQ challenge.

why these businesses will be against their painstaking to obtain a variety of honor certificate and be destroyed on one day by selling? But after an investigation found that these so-called crown sellers, diamond sellers, through various channels to brush the credibility of investment of a few thousand dollars plus a time waiting to get in, but if the shop sold a batch of counterfeit products. Then the profits may reach tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of yuan, so the price quickly highlights one of the important reasons, which is why many insist on selling shop.

plus lack of supervision, and punishment is not perfect, which further stimulate the motivation of the seller to rush into danger now, electricity supplier industry and selling in almost every business platform are widely existed, and now a lot of business platform also set the filtration mechanism of negative rating, which further allows businesses to unscrupulous, as long as there is no serious people harm, then how to sell fakes to sell fakes.

regulatory issues or ethical issues

a lot of people will be electronic business platform and selling as supervision issues, from the point of view of the current technical conditions can improve the supervision from technology and system, but many systems and technologies in vested interest groups under the obstruction, tend to become very pale, when people are crazy in the sale of fake and not Yan.