The day of networking revision upgrade enabled brand for the original English Shuangpin domain name

renamed China ( June 5th news, recently, B2B business platform "chinatelling’s days of networking to complete the new revision, the official domain name from the original word domain name replaced the brand Shuangpin domain name, a comprehensive upgrade from the domain name to the site.

diagram: day networking

day network is telling Telecom in 2013 B2B business website, focusing on major brands of mobile phone sales, as for small and medium-sized customers a one-stop sourcing platform for mobile phone. Last November, the former Eslite vice president Xu Xiaohui officially joined the day of networking, as CEO; in March this year, telling Telecom set up a subsidiary to operate independently the day of networking.

The opening of the

day network is English word domain name, the domain name in English is translated as "tell", and have a certain meaning of euphony days of networking. The new domain name, is the "day of things" brand Larry, compared to the original domain, the new domain name is easy to remember, but also more favorable brand promotion.