The value of the industry of Chinese domain names continue to improve

a few days ago, a news report "notebook.Cn 5 Chinese tens of thousands of dollars to the domain name transfer, recently, Beijing second-hand housing network, Shanghai second-hand housing company. Chinese domain name on the Internet domain name industry speculation, Chinese huge potential value of attention again. The initial launch in early 2000 Chinese domain name, home appliance, automobile, tobacco, medicine, food, automobile and other popular industry Chinese domain name was registered crazy. Insiders said that the Chinese domain name industry sparked heated debate, will promote the upgrading of the value of the domain name industry.

Chinese domain name relying on the advantages of the mother tongue, coupled with the full support of the mainstream browser, making the Chinese domain name has been vigorously promoted and applied. For an enterprise, the domain name Chinese obvious advantages: it is clear and easy to remember, can make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory brand publicity effort. In addition, if the relevant industry Chinese domain name, such as ".COM,".HK tire "tire", so customers only need to enter the domain name in the address bar, you can reach the enterprise website directly, and promotional products more easily, but also increase the more potential customers. Finally, the Chinese is very easy to be included in the search engine, the customer search related information greatly enhance the site was the probability of search.

in recent years, the domestic industry demand for products and raw materials supply and demand, industry trends and other information because of the rapid development of the industry Web site, the Chinese network, China towel accessories network and a series of high-profile industry website. The industry website is bound to want to own the industry logo domain name, the only way to reflect its industry-leading position, such as jewelry.CN, jewelry.COM and other

on the other hand, the domain name and the company name, trademark as a unique, and the domain of the industry more scarce. Once registered, there is no chance for a peer or competitor to re-use these domains. This makes the industry more precious Chinese domain names, the value is also rising. It is understood that the Fujian machinery company in order to protect their own brand enterprise, its products, "piston.HK" and ".TW," piston ring piston ".HK" and ".TW ring" in the era of the Internet domain name Chinese one-time registration, the first for the industry initiative.

experts predict that the value of Chinese domain name industry is huge and limited, with the further popularization of the Chinese domain name, its value will continue to rise, more people recognized and affirmed. At the same time, its price will continue to soar. (commissioning editor admin01)

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