The eleven or the eleven Double Double Twelve but had a big change

[Abstract] the line gradually become a twelve lead, in addition to supermarkets, convenience stores, more increase of catering, beauty salons, farms and many other scenes.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 12th

2011, the Alibaba’s double eleven went to the third year, in the harvest more than 5 billion of the daily trading volume, Ali has launched a twelve, record of 4 billion 380 million. This is twelve made in the drama festival debut in the electricity supplier, but also with the brothers of the same master "double eleven" most close to a year.

in the past 4 years, two eleven sales a year to a big step forward rapidly, 2015 "double eleven" new sales record. Tmall Taobao sales of more than 91 billion 200 million, more than last year, a total of $40 billion; Jingdong mall sales is the sum of the two years, double the eleven, a breakthrough of 40 billion by the end of the year, more than $five.

but the "double eleven" little brother "shuangshier" has gradually changed.

birth history

2011 double eleven, domestic brands and even some well-known foreign brands have begun to try to occupy a place in this huge sales. The more obvious change is that with the eleven annual sales increase as well as the gradual increase in social influence, electricity supplier channels in the process of social commodity circulation plays an increasingly important role.

in 2011, to participate in the dual eleven brand has been very skilled, from stocking, promotion, logistics to the sale, the brand began to build a dedicated team to help electricity supplier channel sales.

is well known, double eleven is the size of the seller to boost sales of Alibaba, the end of a golden period sprint. In order to meet the double eleven, the seller will begin to focus on stocking in advance of two or three months. This is because the amount of stock on the official Ali have requirements for entering a ten main venue of the seller, who does not want to be turned away.

but at the beginning of the double eleven, some sellers are far too optimistic about sales, so the stock is much higher than the actual sales. Failed to sell the goods store in warehouse, a lingering pain the hearts of the seller.

a Amoy brand responsible person said: "science and technology of Tencent – is actually a" double eleven "unsold inventory product line sold again."

rapid decline

has achieved good results in the rapid decline after 2011, twelve.

2013, the Alibaba did not disclose the specific transaction amount shuangshier Festival "," just 200 more than the seller to complete the transaction "is summarized, changed to a value of the success of the habit.

The eleven double

as everyone knows, from "single day" gimmick, the essence is for the business preparatory promotional Festival and ready for consumers shopping festival.

but in recent years, twelve in Taobao Market Business >

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