[Taobao] dry cargo seller Cheats a big fish in a small pond


Taobao is hard to force electricity providers for 1 years, but you can also earn money, this year 11, Taobao’s O2O mobile phone to engage in Taobao, our small sellers opportunities? Our 2015 and the opportunity to make money




brand: Amoy Amoy brand is always in the internal flow of Taobao, Taobao will not give itself to create much traffic, as you can in the Amoy brand, sellers circle is very proud, a Taobao, you are white.

line brand: national brand awareness is high, strong coverage, abundant capital, has a strong ability to market aggression, habit jinchangfei habits under the line to promote the money used to buy advertising, business platform money flow, Taobao will refuse such a crowd? 2014 offline brand each category has been quite obvious leading Taobao, in the face of national brands such as small sellers, how to survive



survival tips: a big fish in a small pond, subdivision to the first

regardless of the big brands, or small brands, whether it is a big battle, or a small battlefield, if unique, it will become a winner.

simple point, is to do subdivision category leader, do business, which is nothing more than a few words, I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I turn, how to determine the selection of our fish pond is


small sellers into Taobao

1 Taobao data analysis

2, do market research, do not understand what the market price to sell, the first suit, feel close to the goods market, such as Guangzhou, Shahe, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, look at the explosion of what sells,

3 cable under the so-called line factory advantage, the work is willing to provide XXXX help?

, I have 4 nouveau riche behind the support, as long as the burning car, can fix drilling exhibition sales is not a problem,


5 Taobao operations: positioning +40% products and pricing +20% marketing??


1 data analysis is not omnipotent, the purpose of data analysis is to avoid risks, do not choose the sunset product

2, when the shrinking market demand, the price is not competitive, you think Taobao is cheating, Taobao said TMD is sick, his own sick sick, a Taobao or Taobao is planning selection you? Need to start planning and design, in order to avoid risks, the market is dynamic the fast one step than Taobao rhythm, you will not feel sick with Taobao


3, the so-called factory advantage, it is advantage? Every time I go to the next line of communication will be met, it will tell me that the boss nouveau riche, and our cooperation, and.

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