Han Liang to get rid of the micro business involved questioned

today, South Korea issued an official statement for pyramid schemes questioned, denied the Korean micro channel for MLM model. The industry said that as a micro business model of the Han beam by the public supervision and questioning are inevitable. However, the analysis of the Korean micro channel business model can be seen after it is not MLM mode:

first, Han Shu is a leading enterprise in China’s cosmetics industry, its products have been recognized by consumers, and this brand reputation is an important endorsement of the rise and prosperity of its micro business.

second, the current beam micro providers in the controversial micro channel also made a statement. In the face of consumer end commodity pricing, there is no price artificially high, but in parallel with other channels to protect the interests of consumers. In the distribution of benefits in the channel, but also fully stimulate the value of the end of the business.

in a sense of the micro level five, compared with the traditional channels, and even narrowed at least two. Under the traditional line of the wholesale channel level is simple for 3, but the profit distribution of at least 7, such as agents profit, agent team profit, store profits, sales profits, etc.. The micro business is a simple division of interests, fully embodies the value of the business end of the people (the traditional store sales in the upper level of waste reduction).

in this regard, billion state power network editor Jia Penglei believes that Han beam to stand up for the derivative industry testimony is a blessing, its rich experience can become the theoretical support. For the derivative industry chaos frequent guidance urgently, this kind of thinking and voice is rare, need to support.

according to reports, South Korea will begin to reduce beam micro business agent team from 2015, agent to achieve more stringent management, from the source to eliminate chaos. Chen Yuxin said in an interview, in any industry are likely to appear in the face of the interests of the people are flighty and impetuous, but the key lies in the management of an evil member of the herd, if you have intention to change itself. And this will be in Korea, and Chen Yuxin heart very firm.

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