Beauty electricity supplier Wars two dimensional code vs genuine insurance who can solve the proble

Abstract: whether it is a two-dimensional code or genuine insurance, is the electricity supplier companies in order to protect the efforts of genuine efforts, coupled with the concerted efforts of the whole society, I believe that online shopping cosmetics will eventually be able to solve the difficulties.


this year’s Spring Festival comes a little later than in previous years, the Spring Festival is over, spring is coming. In March, the electricity supplier industry is the hottest cosmetic category last year,, Jingdong, Le bee between War Within Three Kingdoms still fresh, cosmetics electricity supplier and kicked off the war this year.

electricity supplier for cosmetics is both love and hate. Love is because the cosmetics profits gratifying, and can stimulate female users shopping; hate is because online cosmetics fakes appear frequently, dragons and fishes jumbled together, so many consumers do not trust to buy cosmetics online, affect the development of the entire cosmetics online shopping. It can be said that the concerns of users of fake cosmetics has become the most important factor restricting the growth of online shopping. In this case, the major electricity supplier to The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount, introduced a variety of genuine security measures. To sum up, basically divided into two-dimensional code to and Tmall as the representative of the school, and to the Jingdong, as the representative of the genuine insurance group. So, who can solve the problem of online shopping cosmetics


two-dimensional code: the authenticity of easy to fight defects obvious

October 2013,, Maybelline, Herborist, Kose and other 62 100 foreign cosmetics companies to set up a "China cosmetics genuine alliance in Beijing, joined the cosmetics genuine alliance, enterprises in every cosmetics sales platform will be posted on the security code. Scratch proof coatings consumers buy cosmetics, will receive 16 digit security code, login "China cosmetics genuine security code alliance website or the brand’s official website, and a check at a glance.

coincidentally, Tmall will also solve the problem of cosmetics genuine in two-dimensional code. January 2015, Tmall launched the sky star program, Herborist, CHCEDO and South Korea after the first to join. Consumers in Herborist, CHCEDO and South Korea’s Tmall flagship store, after the purchase of related goods, Taobao or Tmall APP through the phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the product, you can do product traceability.

whether it is’s genuine alliance, or Tmall star plan, will be the solution of the problem of fake cosmetics on the goods back, through a small two-dimensional code to achieve product traceability, security verification even product description, user interaction and other functions. From the use of two-dimensional code, really easy, the popularity of WeChat to sweep "known to every family, by scanning the two-dimensional code can easily understand the source of goods, both for consumers and brands are relatively simple.

, however, the two-dimensional code also has obvious drawbacks. The Ministry of public security to play four black four pests official micro-blog so clarify the anti-counterfeiting function of two-dimensional code: two-dimensional code and bar code no security features, they can make some simple >.

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