Fifth Avenue how to make a luxury electricity supplier of fishing

news September 27th, the day before, said the Fifth Avenue COO sun in the Dauphine billion state power network organization’s meeting, the Fifth Avenue to become a "luxury sea fishing". In one meeting, Sun Duofei stressed many times the user concept: consumers are vulnerable, there may be a short-lived business; the user is sticky, can form two times to buy, even repeatedly buy. So the brand and platform to develop their own users.

Sun said that the electricity supplier, the whole process is very long, the user is the two time to buy because the business for the user to think of what, what to solve.

in 2014, the "eight states" after the promulgation of the entire luxury market decline. At the same time, the rise of cross-border electricity supplier and purchasing, in such adverse circumstances, Fifth Avenue did one thing: brand negotiations, open his store. So that its users can have online booking, offline experience, online orders, offline store delivery, online orders, delivery to the home and a variety of options and services.

and Fifth Avenue to provide users with offline store service. Whether the user is returned goods, maintenance, modification of products and services can meet the demand.

sun Dauphine also introduced, Fifth Avenue is not only to provide a variety of financial services for the consumer to buy a product and brand content for the user, provide no purchase of users sharing and promotion, fashion enthusiasts exchange activities, Master invited go shopping and other services, to attract users to buy these potential demand.

sun Dauphine pointed out that now the customer has changed, and now the price war has not. Fifth Avenue do things in connection, the luxury counters and users connected. The luxury industry itself is very old, very low degree of e-commerce, there is no leading electricity supplier companies. This is where we develop."

"before the user is 60, now the user is 80, 90, they do not have to buy the big goods, they may be more love, a niche brand designer brands, a star endorsement of the brand. So now the brand in the face of the user must change the mentality." Sun Dauphine pointed out that Fifth Avenue help brands better access to users, they really need to provide services for users.

Fifth Avenue

to provide users with social attributes such as ladies group service, while allowing users to have access to the brand. Sun Jian introduced, Fifth Avenue will arrange for the user to meet together and meet the brand design director, try on branded products and other services, rather than blindly recommend users to buy.

in addition, the Fifth Avenue also offers stylish butler service for users: if a user to buy fashion products in Fifth Avenue on the amount of more than ten thousand yuan, the Fifth Avenue will provide a clean dress collocation, wardrobe door service.

According to

billion state power network to understand, with the Fifth Avenue brands to carry out live activities, "

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