Open network network Dragon Boat Kui Hui wine multiple ceremony dumplings love struck

once a year of music as ecological 618 Carnival will pull the curtain, I believe the cut the hand of the party who is already eager, eager for a fight. Net wine network launched 618 warm-up activities — "recharge 1 yuan since June 1st, expanded to 10 yuan, increased sales of explosive materials. The heat has not dissipated, the Dragon Boat Festival Kui Hui coerced multiple wine package "dumplings" love struck!

recently, mobile network network official mall, music as its ecological end synchronous on-line Dragon Boat Festival love dumplings drink special, dry face Cabernet Sauvignon, cross Mouton Chateau La, French Chateau Lixian manor deck red, Penfolds BIN28, cross Wine Close Bourbon red, sweet white, brandy, Belgium imported beer, rum colorful battle, 3 packs 69 yuan price again breakdown price. One more upscale gift box with SWAROVSKI crystal gift wine, wine and meet quality diamond gift boxes, bring a high price shopping experience.


love dumplings drink special gift dragon boat

69 Yuan Chang enjoy dumplings Festival 3 wine package

small dragon boat festival holiday is coming, about 32 friends, love dumplings drink, not the enjoyment of life. The Dragon Boat Festival special network network selection 69 yuan wine package, category covering red, sweet white, imported beer, brandy, rum, multi price available to the French Grand Cru wine, under the high cost of New World wines, leisurely collocation elegant red wine box, super value multiple ceremony user feedback.


network network multiple Dragon Boat Festival ritual huge benefits

reporter noted that the network network explosion models, the official price of 99 yuan dew dry face Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine buy a bottle of a bottle of gifts during the event, not only the price cut, but also presented "NAKA luck double bag", described to the Dragon Boat Festival zouqingfangyou do face. From the French Grand Cru Lai Xian manor Deputy brand dry red wine 2 installed price of only 348 yuan, another gift from SWAROVSKI crystal double high-grade gift box, can be described as a combination of high cost and high grade gift boxes are "all" in a vast.

in addition, "Ms. drunk love" Close sweet white, "the high price Wine king of Bordeaux AOP, Mu Tong manor Red Cross Wine, two installed price of only 69 yuan, 99 yuan, 178 yuan, one hundred yuan price with the Dragon Boat Festival aimed at the mass consumer market. During the event, Belgium imported beer, wine products over the same period Scotch Whisky gift, make selection more diverse.

network network love dumplings drink "will be carried out simultaneously on the PC side, the mobile terminal, the Dragon Boat Festival Consumers wherever needed, how much wine gift combination, network network can always provide the best solution. After the Dragon Boat Festival in June 18th, LETV ecological Carnival will off stage. By then, a series of intelligent hardware from the music as ecology, from the ecological network of wine

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