Micro business is recruit agent Be careful with fire

micro business can now be said to be the most talked about a topic, but, in the end what is micro business? I believe that many people do not know what exactly is what. However, there are a lot of people began to start a micro business, claiming to be micro business. It is really funny, just find a product, recruit an agent, I was a micro business?


micro business is the first mask of the fire agent, although Shao Lianhu did not use the mask, but I also know that this mask is a man or woman is used every day. A lot of people are beautiful, paste mask can whitening, moisturizing and other functions, I do not know what to say is not, anyway, paste the benefits of a lot of people know.

mask is like a meal, is a day to eat, do not eat hungry one day, and the mask is the same, do not do a mask a day I believe many people will not sleep at night. This shows that the market needs a lot. Therefore, the micro business selling mask can be so popular is the main reason.

in fact, the beginning of micro business should be just to sell the mask. Some vendors sell a good mask, someone saw his success, she looked at every day to earn so much money would like to act as his agent, but also sell the mask. Since it is an agent, it is impossible to do not charge a penny ah, close point agency fees, so he also bought his own mask.

slowly, micro business sense to sell the mask to make money too slow, not as good as the agency fee to earn a little faster. So, he began to recruit agents, their mask is just as a sell. See people recruit agents earn money, home is bound to recruit agents. Slowly, a mass ten, ten hundred, micro business is to earn money not to the agent, the sellers.

is just Shao Lianhu’s hypothesis, and I don’t have any proof that they do. No matter what is done and done well, some people in order to earn agency fees, they learned to get the illusion to attract agents. For example, get a fake delivery chart, fake income pictures, fake cars and other agents to cheat, like pyramid schemes brainwashing. Many girls see people earn money, also silly to do.

actually, I do not say that those who can understand the mentality of small and micro business. You work hard every day to sell your products in micro, recruit your agent, how much money do you earn? Yes, there are a number of micro business friends to give you the face of the agent, or bought a generation of products. However, you have not thought about the micro business, you are sellers or recruit agents? Those agents you trick now live right? The goods can be sold? Do you care about them?

feel a lot of people really funny, they look at the micro business so fire, but also began to start a micro business. Some sell clothes, they start a micro business, began to recruit agents. Some sell mask, began to recruit agents. Some adult products have begun to recruit agents. A few days ago, I was in the street to see someone else to sell blue moon recruit agents. Halo, which is where the laundry liquid supermarket to sell, but also to start a micro business, true halo.

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