Online mall to enhance the user experience need to pay attention to a few details

website to promote a lot of owners are worried about a problem, is how to improve the flow of the site, in fact, only to enhance the flow is no practical significance. Shopping mall for the site, how to increase the number of users, how to improve the user conversion rate is essential, and do a good job of the premise is to do a good job of the site’s user experience.

below is a summary of the online shopping mall on the user experience needs to focus on a few details

1) on site user login registration

user registration is the beginning of the experience of the site, the user login process should be registered as simple as possible, in line with the user’s browsing habits. The details here need to remind you webmaster attention is the user registration verification code, there are a lot of Web site verification code is very complex, it will bring much inconvenience to the users, the verification code should try to recognize, and can automatically refresh, can set the mouse into the box after the login verification code to refresh or directly login prompt error verification automatic refresh code. Web site set up to automatically save memory, login user experience. On this issue of the details of the cool distribution network is very good, we can refer to see.

2) after the user browse merchandise is best to design collection, memory function, convenient for users to browse and next time on each commodity were comprehensively compared in the membership center should have store collection function, the user can browse to browse merchandise, comparison shop classification, this point in the Taobao store is doing very well, users can purchase comparison of various aspects of the.

3) all product pages are open in the current window, the window has certain advantages, will not take up too many resources, but the product, there is a need for the content page comparison view, according to the general browsing habits, the final page, product page content general page opens in a new window. Label, navigation links in the current window.

4) the user order confirmation information, confirm the order in addition to the required information, the other columns should be reduced as far as possible, as far as possible to let users shopping less fill in the information, allowing users to feel a sense of security, in addition to the name, address, telephone and other information is required, not mandatory fill, words can be used to guide the user to fill out reminders, this is mainly due to the psychological more humane. The Jingdong store orders, the required information is very simple, is to guide the user to complete the information through a variety of tips.

5) order, to need to pay attention to the user can always return to the previous step in the payment process, modify the order information at any time, like some websites need to change the order of payment before the order is not more trouble, you must delete orders re orders, orders for payment page to click the query to the goods at any time with specific information, as shopping websites should as far as possible convenient operation.

6) the user clicks into the destination page is best not more than three times, more than three times the user does not have the patience to look at it. All categories of goods to buy as much as possible to ensure that users enter the content page will not be more than three clicks.


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