Jingdong launched Beijing quasi up receipt time can be accurate to 2 hours

NetEase Francisco November 28th news, the day before, the Jingdong announced the launch of the "Beijing Zhunda delivery service, the service is based on, users only need to pay 6 yuan (39 yuan ticket), can be a specific time appointment next week while receiving. As early as 9:00, the latest can be up to 22:00.

this is the Jingdong in the field of logistics and distribution services, following the 211 time limit, Beijing quasi up, after another measure of speed. According to reports, as of now, Beijing Zhunda service has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi’an seven city (except in remote areas), the future of the service is expected to be extended to all 211 regions nationwide aging.

data show that the Jingdong logistics has formed three network layout of small pieces of large logistics network, logistics network and cold chain logistics network, with 7 intelligent logistics center, 254 large warehouse, 5 million 500 thousand square meters of storage facilities, 6780 distribution stations and from mentioning, the completion of the 2646 counties nationwide coverage. 211 and the next day the proportion of orders has reached 85%.

Jingdong aspects, along with the continuous optimization of the distribution path Jingdong, not only can achieve the improvement of the distribution of aging, but also makes the precise this appeal can be achieved. (Allen)

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