A push to announce the completion of 400 million yuan D round of financing will launch a new product

November 20th news today, based on big data push service providers push a push to announce the completion of 400 million yuan D round of financing, valuation than the C round doubled. But for the current round of investors, a push has not announced. Statistics show that in April of this year, a push to complete the C round and demolition of VIE, a total of 700 million yuan fund-raising, led by Haitong Securities, Minsheng Bank, the original B round of investors have invested.

push CEO Fang Yi said, will be the first big data for strategic landing process in various fields in the D round of financing, the second will be used to create sophisticated combat team, talents reserve more versatile, finally will push deep segments of the business opportunities, continue to improve the push technology service ecosystem.

pushed into October 2010, launched by the push service, focused on providing information push service for APP developers. A push has released "intelligent push" and "occasional push" solutions, advocate fine product operations, and in the location of the scene of the push topped on.

official data show that up to now, a push to send SDK a total installed capacity of more than 12 billion, covering more than 16 independent terminal, has access to more than 40 applications, 22 Wanyuwan developers, more than 750 million users daily living.

it is reported that the data and technology as the driving force, a total of three push each other mutually beneficial symbiosis, together constitute a push technical services ecosystem. It is, for different industries to provide large data solutions, which includes for developers to provide message push, user portrait, application of statistical services; large data depth for the public and the vertical field of mining, and help developers achieve cash flow three system.

In addition to

, a push is also ongoing commercial exploration. In addition to push the business, a push in 2015 force mobile marketing field, through big data driven marketing, brand and advertisers to provide accurate marketing solutions.

it is worth noting that, in a D round of financing and the 6 anniversary of the push announced the launch of a smart marketing scene entrance platform – "a letter", "a letter with a push to get DMP, with big data analysis of user portrait, advertising content through the message push without delay contact as the user, directly displayed on the mobile phone notification bar, in order to create a mobile Internet entrance and marketing.