Lu Songsong from the donkey network event to see the website promotion

The two day

IT news of the fire is true "donkey nets" disputes, Ganji took ho throw 400 million of advertising on CCTV, TV, bus, subway station conducted a large-scale promotional activities, advertising originality is really attractive, but the donkey’s stunts, results caused a lot of people remember the donkey, he didn’t even remember, recorded as "donkey nets".

in a short span of 10 days, the donkey network Baidu index soared from dozens to tens of thousands of times, the forum also appeared a large number of confused audience asked why not search to catch the donkey network".


( recorded as "donkey nets")

people’s network: money did not spend, but things do.

and rival network people just spent 200 yuan registration fee, registration of the domain name, currently do Baidu promotion, Google ranked first, than the ho throw 400 million can be negligible. People take a donkey nets into flow, an occasion to promote people network, with a hundred dollars less than the cost of easy access to hundreds of thousands of IP traffic.

note: because the people of the donkey nets this is pure speculation, for SEO and make, the intent is clear, so Baidu will also give the artificial right down, if you rank up, you stop on the Baidu keyword advertising, not less money, so don’t let Baidu control you come up. Baidu has to do promotion. money, things didn’t do. on the side of Baidu on the "donkey nets" keyword advertising, while a significant gesture said a donkey nets is fleeting. Its CEO on micro-blog put forward, to catch the donkey network traffic flow less than 1/1000 points. "Donkey nets" in hot search online, just regard it as a conversation, but people in the first time the net was aware of the "donkey nets" may be a mistake to return creative website, he made the donkey hundreds of millions of advertisement effect.

someone is manipulating the donkey’s search for the word "



through the above we can see that from 20 to 23, never a donkey nets to 4000 down to about 15000, second days suddenly dropped to 4000, third days soared to 20000, such a huge contrast results maybe only one, that is a donkey nets which is a keyword in the control. From the data, may be due to concentrated exposure 23 days each big website, a donkey nets a word search volume soared.

alone people network registered ganlvwang domain name is not possible to obtain hundreds of thousands of traffic, it is behind the posters and brush flow operation must exist. The purpose is to heat the keyword, create news events, so that the major sites to each other

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