Subscription number is dead talk about the operation and crisis of WeChat public number

Hello, I am very grateful for this evening in autumn, small yellow people share, because tonight I competition is Luo Yonghao.

tonight, I would like to share with you four topics.

a, WeChat launched advertising platform mean?

first, I’d like to give you the first question. I do not know whether you have noticed that WeChat in the Tanabata launched the day of WeChat advertising, friends circle advertising portal.

this entrance with the original one of the biggest changes is WeChat’s circle of friends advertising for all enterprises to open up. That open standards than the original circle of friends put the threshold of advertising greatly reduced. So we have only heard of this argument, this argument may be rumors, put a circle of friends advertising starting price is eight million. But now we get the news is, if you have more than eight hundred thousand of the funds, you can apply to the circle of friends inside the flow of their own brand advertising.

I do not know you see such a message, the head will be thinking about what kind of problem. Then I first thought of another product – micro-blog, micro-blog in his micro-blog stream embedded advertising after you can think about the experience,


as we all know, micro-blog has been very, very much complaining about it since its entry into the advertising industry. It is possible that very few friends know that micro-blog in order to avoid the bad experience of its advertising experience, it is also very much attention to control the frequency of its pop-up ads. For example, I also voted on the fans through micro-blog, I voted the key word is PPT, you know what I voted on micro-blog fans the most happy thing is what?

is the effect is very good, basically a piece of money into it, will certainly earn two dollars, and sometimes we even feel able to earn $three. As an operator, of course, hope the best day to spend ten thousand or even one hundred thousand dollar advertising costs five hundred thousand millions anyway can earn back.

but the truth is that we put in the fans through the advertisement, even three hundred pieces are not spent every day, why don’t spend? It is because Sina micro-blog micro-blog appears everywhere in order to avoid his user experience so as to reduce the effect of advertising, advertising play frequency. In this case, micro-blog’s activity in the decline of today we can actually put advertising is quite limited. And even if you put the key word, take into account other people also put the key words. So everyone’s different advertising in micro-blog’s information flow inside the display is limited. So not necessarily your keywords can be given priority, unless you get a higher price.

that you imagine the contradictions encountered by micro-blog, will not appear in the circle of friends, and now many people know that the activity of the circle of friends is still in a growth period, may I ask this is true?

on my personal observation, the circle of the highest peak of the circle of friends has passed, think about how many people in the circle of friends is a mom half a year ago

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