Decrypt the movie 2012 network marketing eight

is one of the most popular films in 2009 "hot 2012" has attracted a lot of attention of Internet users, the movie is about an ancient Mayan prophecy in December 21, 2012 a "global disaster". As a new marketing approach – network marketing, in the promotion of the entire film they are also free to use, but also worthy of our domestic film network to learn from.

, a viral marketing

2012 is a hot topic of concern, and mystic Mayan culture "doomsday" is associated with itself together, there will be some viral marketing communication topic, making sense of mystery or associated with these events, the event to increase the virus spread effect, the film released in the previous year by the early movie trailer encouraged the audience "Google" in 2012, of course, users search for "2012", you can find many related topic.

two, the official website marketing

movie "2012" official website construction of their own, through the whole range of communication, text, pictures and video from the level of publicity, so that users from acoustic, visual, feeling full angle to personally on the scene. Guest network marketing college teacher Li Xingang believes that the website is the basis of network marketing, combined with multi-level website, allowing users to feel the website promotion content, and they also have company website and worldwide cooperation links on the official website, in China saw the film "in Sina 2012" website topic page.


three, web site group promotion

website promotion network marketing group is very good, there are many domestic and foreign enterprises in the application of network promotion, the movie "2012" in addition to the official website, also made four other websites, websites can fictitious news release and some interactive features, such as "survival", registered in the lottery election in 2012 the leaders of the other, to encourage visitors to immerse in the story of the film, who participated in the election of the visitors can participate in the competition, will have the opportunity to win the Mexico Cancun Mayan ruins swim or other rewards.

four, SNS social networking platform

according to the latest data released by the Facebook traffic has reached second in the world, second only to Google, the movie "2012" respectively in Facebook and MySpace set up their own web pages have many fans to join in these social platform updates, fans will see the social networking platform for promotion but also the future development of a trend.

five, the promotion of social bookmarking

at the bottom of the page links, there are delicious bookmarks and other social network platform, through bookmarks can let more users know that the promotion of the website, for the network marketing, not only.

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