Spam can also marketing

a few days ago, and one in the e-commerce company to work for a couple of years I was a friend with a handwritten "Email" marketing at present, after he heard the news he was surprised and asked: can now Email marketing


although this problem with a personal subjective and certain one sidedness, but this also shows that an important issue, because of spam, Email marketing in people’s minds has avoided especially less fear, not to mention the trust. As before the end of 2000 after the Internet bubble burst, people hear "website" two words will be looked at with surprised eyes: now you also talk about what the site, it is not money? So many companies are afraid to website construction, like to build a website to destroy a business. Of course, now there are few people will deny the value of a professional corporate website for business, but for the formal Email marketing (of course, not referring to spam), but also how long to get recognition?

there is no doubt that spam is the biggest enemy of Email marketing, Email marketing through user license has been spam violations have said of an aged person is more serious, has affected the normal communication activities, in order to fight against spam, there are a lot of folk anti spam organization, it is a good thing, but it is worse, the license Email marketing is increasing anti spam organization "friendly fire". Because of the anti spam organization is sometimes difficult to distinguish between true and false, it is difficult to distinguish between a large number of commercial messages through the user’s permission, so he had to "all those organizations that kill with lawful authority", with the characteristics of spam will be blocked. Should not have broad marketing license on the road, while the disaster caused by flooding water spam, while anti spam organizations use a variety of means to monitor the sniper spam, a little tired, even innocent.

in China, although there is no strong anti spam organization, but a large number of email will also bring serious consequences, the most common is IP by other mail service providers sealed cable, because the present situation is that most users use free email add permits Email mailing list, and concentrated in a few free mailbox the mail service provider where the mailing list size slightly larger, once send mail, it is hard not to be discovered and blocked these services. For those who send spam, often using guerrilla tactics, and constantly replace the IP, and for the position of the regular business, it is impossible to do this, therefore, the regular army suffered more serious injuries.

MarketingMan Email can not be used for commentary: marketing, network marketing factors depends on two aspects of the macro environment and micro environment, macro factors including law, technology, market, service providers and other factors, the micro aspects mainly is the enterprise for a variety of problems to ask. Despite the current difficulties encountered, but not to the point where, in this situation, how to make good use of Ema>

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