Micro business marketing skills teach you how to do micro business

micro business is now too fire, if you often log on WeChat circle of friends or QQ space, I believe there are a large number of people who have seen a piece of text issued by others, the following with a few product pictures. And the trend is growing.

Now a lot of

dynamic hair circle of friends of friends, I come into contact with them, one day seven or eight product advertising pictures, and inspirational scripts, it is urgent shortage, and so these. If it is just beginning to feel fresh is good, always like this, others will be vexed, because an open space or circle of friends dynamic, all advertising information you want to pay attention to some, dynamic people have not seen, in the course of time, will produce resentment, even to you, you pull the black shield.

especially now do micro business more, you one day seven or eight ads, peers are seven or eight ads, then you should consider the friend do you still want to play WeChat or QQ space.

therefore, the circle of friends issued a dynamic, need not disturb the user at the same time, and then convey the message we want to convey, in order to guide customers to use our products or services.

released what kind of dynamic will not disturb the user, at the same time, but also to convey our information?

this requires us to analyze our users, to see what kind of user needs, we will focus on the release of dynamic, in order to achieve the desired effect.

after Li Leiting’s survey found that there are three types of micro business groups: 1, low wage workers, 2, college students, 3, full-time mother.

for these three groups, although they are doing micro business, but their psychological state is different, if you want to better guide them, we have to understand the pain points of these three types of user groups.

low wage workers pain points are: low income, not free.

college students in the pain point is: money is not enough to spend, at the same time he has grown up, but can not make money.

stay-at-home mom’s pain point is: don’t make money is spent husband money, not only increase the burden on the family, want to spend money to buy their own what is not willing to, want to buy some things for what their parents also feel shy.

through the above analysis, Li Leiting micro business practitioners to analyze the pain points out. When we release the dynamic, respectively, on three different groups of different psychological needs to be targeted release, so as to find resonance. If you are a user group of college students, but you are dynamic work hard, not free, they don’t have that you keenly aware of the marketing effect will be greatly reduced.

is more than three kinds of people in different places, they have some common place. What are the specific


1, good product quality

2 home, reliable


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