How to use part time website promotion your website

a few days ago because my room block, Nanjing was shut down for a month. When the day of recovery found that Baidu included zero. No snapshot. At that time was very angry, but anger can not solve the problem. And they began to get notice with the Nanjing Links the cooperation website to help restore the link. Many sites have thought that my site was pulled out of Baidu, Baidu snapshot is not, are not willing to restore. Of course, there are a lot of friends believe that I have not withdraw my link. I’m quite grateful. Because a large area of the withdrawal of the chain, the direct consequence is to bring PR to reduce the weight of the search engine to reduce. Believe that the PR big update, many friends have found their own PR down. There are a lot of stand because of a large number of links from the weight.

How to use

to promote the web to attract spider? I believe everyone on the part of information released website is no stranger to you today to talk about how to use the site to do some part-time experience promotion. It is estimated that there are a lot of webmasters do not quite understand the site. The update speed of the website is very fast. Because more than N companies, intermediaries, individuals in the above release recruitment information. Therefore, the search engine for such sites have a special care, every day is to grab the content of these sites in real time. So use this can either be a new station or the old station can guide you to the spider stand up. The use of the dissemination of part-time information can also be a large number of automatic for your station to increase effective reverse links.

for example, my Nanjing Taobao network after the last stop, no snapshot. I was in Nanjing on the top part of the web site to release recruitment agent to help me do buy, do sales. Recruitment information, put my site and Taobao link. After an hour, Baidu has been included in the recruitment information. The speed is quite fast. Because of this Baidu spider will follow the link to my station, so I can quickly restore the station included and snapshot. Several part-time jobs have been made. On the second day, we found that the reverse link has increased. Then a little more than a lot of reverse links found, are other part-time site reprinted my part-time job information released. If you put all the quality of a little bit of part-time information posted on the web site again, overnight, the reverse link will be crazy to increase. This is the use of a lot of online sites to replicate the site’s competitors to achieve the purpose of enriching their website content.

use this method should also pay attention, do not publish false information. Do not publish false information on the Internet, which is the image of your site is damaged. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a dumpster. If it is to do a regular stand friends must adhere to the release of real information. Every day to go to the website to send a message again, I believe every day to bring your site traffic is considerable. Flow is easy to enlarge. My Nanjing Taobao in my two days after I have been included in the comprehensive recovery. Every day snapshot

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