Talk about what domain name site Baidu included faster and better

what kind of domain name is better, there are all sorts of online discussions, but today we put aside easy memory and other common thinking factors, mainly from the search engine and to attract more search engine traffic, the point of view of

one, the use of the old domain name station

please note that the old domain name does not refer to the length of the domain name registration time, but the length of the history of the domain name, a summary of the old domain name found in the search engine has a higher weight.

as everyone knows, because the site more easily, there are tens of thousands of websites are emerging every day, so the search engine to improve website threshold, experience shows that the website built a new domain name to be included in Baidu generally need a month’s time; but if it is before the Baidu has included the domain name, then included the time greatly reduced; the concrete included the length of time the main weight depends on the site of the station, once a day included thousands of pages, because of his old domain name has 5 years of history site, there are hundreds of external links.

two, with the old domain name of the site notes

old domain name is really good, but if used improperly may be wasted

1 old domain name and the new site content must have a certain degree of Relevance:

such as domain name is, the content of the site is healthy, but it will cause confusion to the search engine, and thus affect the search engine included.

2 domain name replacement system before and after the theme to be similar:

for example, the original site is the old domain machinery industry, but will replace the system content into the entertainment industry, so that a search engine will need to build awareness and trust of the domain name, of course, in theory, this is still the old domain than a new registered domain name

is better;

3 after replacing the system originally included in the search engine will be gradually reduced, this is a normal phenomenon but don’t panic, because the original content cannot access the search engine will be gradually cleared, and then replaced with new content, this is The new supersedes the old.

three, how to do with the new domain name website:

new domain name in the search engine and the relationship between the weight of the trust is 0, so the new domain name station takes longer to make sense of the search engine. If you are using the new domain name site do not have to worry about, because the weight of the website is affected by many factors, such as high quality and stable external link space, content quality, website internal links, of the same type are very helpful to improve website weight.

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