Micro marketing fast with fly tips

in early February when the author wrote an article "2014 years is really micro?", said in the article a lot about yourself for some microscopic view. Play 3 days of microscopic, summarizes some experience, today want to give beginners some advice for everyone to talk about how to play the novice microscopic, how to increase the micro fan.

first, I want to emphasize that I am also a micro rookie, just a few days according to the own experience to talk about how to get a little humble micro fans, hope you forgive, I don’t blame the improper words. We are not star nor a large coffee, how can we go to visit the micro


a, use the short film to get fans

work before you choose, these words I have is love, from the microscopic can clearly see the selected type is how a thing has the advantage. Personally think that the star is not not big coffee for us, for our type has two kinds: one kind is handsome or beautiful there is a spoof and funny.

handsome men and women will be the majority of the opposite sex friends. Of course, if you are not handsome or you are not beautiful, and you’re on your own lack of self-confidence, or suggest that you do not go this route, this route is only for those who really good-looking, and absolutely confident of their handsome girls. You can still walk slowly on this route.

spoof and funny, this route is no matter who, if you have a little humor cells then go this route is simple. I made a spoof of microscopic, also go this route, I think there is no humor cells, can not think of too many good ideas, sometimes just to see a joke, to make microscopic, to everyone see only (welcome to my attention as the full mouth teeth: laugh). There are friends from the Internet to find some funny jokes after shearing for everyone to share, but it’s OK, this effect is very obvious. At this point to recommend a microscopic (at 9999), the micro brother has been the focus of the microscopic author did not filmed the original, are some funny piece from the Internet to find and share with everyone, also received a lot of friends recognized, for those of us who can do this is a novice the more successful. Whether it is original or find some piece on the Internet are feasible, the following two pictures that I just to compare two recommend the micro.



so, if you’re slightly in a way, and go and funny spoof of the line, their microscopic also is the original video, I think you will be favored by many people, here have to say there is a beauty of microscopic: Li mengxue. My first concern as the number, impressive, not only as her humor, is a beauty. See her now

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