ntegrated network marketing solutions

what is the integration of network marketing? Integrated marketing network, is in full analysis of the enterprise status, product characteristics and industry characteristics, in-depth study of the Internet on a variety of media resources, familiar with all kinds of products and methods based on the network marketing, starting from the actual situation of the enterprise, according to the different network marketing platform, products and methods. The pros and cons of the overall marketing plan, all kinds of cyber source selection, comprehensive utilization, provide personalized integration of network marketing enterprises with competitive price, accurate positioning, target for enterprise solutions. The integration of network marketing is also known as network marketing, integrated marketing, integrated marketing network. Simply put, the integration of network marketing is to integrate a variety of network marketing methods, and the objective needs of customers to effectively match, to provide customers with the best one or a variety of network marketing methods.

Roy network www.royec.com for the majority of small and medium enterprises to provide integrated network marketing solutions to help enterprises to carry out the difficulties of network marketing network marketing. Roy network according to the actual situation of enterprises, including the current situation of tailored diagnosis, website optimization, web promotion, website operation strategy and a series of content, the integration of network marketing solutions, and solely responsible for the implementation of professional. The integration of network marketing solutions include? Roy net "integration of network marketing solutions" mainly includes 18 aspects, the content is suitable for general corporate Web site, but did not rigidly adhere to the content, according to the actual situation of the needs of customers and website, service content into practice may be different, pioneered by Internet experts Huang Xiangru senior. Roy also provides integrated network marketing outsourcing and consulting services, according to the different circumstances of each customer tailored different programs.

(1) site diagnosis analysis;

(2) systematic overall planning;

(3) marketing website construction;

(4) site depth optimization;

(5) search engine marketing

(6) network promotion services;

(7) e-commerce marketing;

(8) advertising promotion optimization management;

(9) website content update;

(10) website technical maintenance;

(11) marketing effect tracking and analysis report;

(12) network branding: through the enterprise domain name and other network resources to achieve the unity of the network brand and enterprise brand

(13) website platform: the website is a platform for enterprises to carry out marketing activities

(14) network marketing system: enterprise website promotion planning, using various network marketing methods include: mass mailing, SMS marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, information marketing, event marketing, viral marketing, etc..


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