Some thoughts on the implementation steps of website planning

The success of the

website depends on the site planning. Determine the objectives of the site, to achieve the function of the site, reasonable website marketing, so that the site quickly improve the site traffic, establish a website brand image.

site planning refers to the site before the construction of the industry analysis, to determine the function of the site and the face of the customer, in the site design, promotion, maintenance, etc.. The goal of the website development plays a big role, how to make a good site planning scheme, following Hou Qinglong and you slowly.

a, site positioning

What is the main theme of the

website, what is the value of the site, what shape the image. Analysis of the needs of visitors and competitors to collect relevant information, to determine the main content of the site, the target user groups, the starting point of the site.

two, website construction

website construction is the basic steps to implement the objectives of the site:

1, the establishment of the site, set up the site’s brand image, the site needs what function, product promotion, e-commerce, or industry authority? Do a good job in the early development of the site positioning;

2, website design, website function is determined, the website into what type of Web site: enterprise website, application site, interest community website, commercial website (industry website), portal website, website design direction to the target.

three, website content

to establish the credibility and authority of the site. According to the site navigation classification, add a lot of content, rich web site entities. The theme and classification of the site, around the theme of collecting materials, materials collected in the abode is short, good content in. Good content can not only attract visitors, but also allow visitors to help you publicity.

four, website promotion

for website promotion, a lot of methods, and according to different types of Web site, take the promotion method is not the same, but no matter what kind of website, the following promotion methods can be applied.

1, search engine promotion, set up a reasonable page title, label, static web page, web site map, keywords, classification directory landing, make accord with search engine included standard web page;

2, web site information promotion, such as the commonly used links, mass information, post bar Q & A, soft Wen marketing, communication tools promotion, BBS signature, e-mail, advertising, etc..

five, website operation

web site is a good job, the latter is very important. As the saying goes, Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country, do website, website to seek profit point, because the site of different types, so according to the different nature of the site, the profit model into the whole website, for investment, rewarding. To improve the operation of the site in the column, content management and so on should be regularly maintained, to achieve the site does not damage >

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