How to use network marketing in traditional enterprises

with continuous innovation network, many new network products have emerged, from the portal to the forum, blog to micro-blog, until now cut off and so on, network development gradually, network opportunities is full of temptation. The successful example of network marketing network seems to meet the eye everywhere, incomparable scenery, then these marketing companies have sprung up. Most enterprises have not seriously thought about this problem, their own enterprise network marketing channels for this? To use what means to achieve the purpose of their own business? Really help? The most fundamental reason is that the current network marketing is no systematic analysis, some traditional enterprises can not touch the mind does not know how to proceed from reality, the network is able to help traditional enterprises do what? It is only my personal opinion.

sales network, the main object is suitable for clothing, cosmetics, daily necessities, delicacy, maternal, digital products, of course, may also be suitable for other classes, such as the car, and now the network is also a precedent. These products are generally a brand or a few brands, their manufacturers and brands are able to use the network to achieve direct sales, but also can be directly distributed on the network to achieve sales agents. It must be noted that SMEs do not blindly follow the trend of creating a B2C network platform, because it needs huge cost, but also because fewer products and relatively simple, so the promotion difficulty will be relatively large, people have a desire to buy a small, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. If it is strong, high brand awareness and reputation of the enterprise can try. You still need to rely on Taobao, excellence in this platform, although there is a drawback is competitive, but the combination of a large part of the flow of online shopping, but also provides a very simple operation tool platform for these businesses, greatly improving the efficiency, reduce the cost of investment, but also need to carefully, so make a feature, opportunities also increased the.

brand communication and promotion of this model is the object of mass groups, the model may not be important to the site, and some do not need it. General mass consumer goods companies can use this model. Its purpose is to spread through the website to reflect the brand value and sales under the auxiliary line. There are many excellent cases we have heard, for example Wang Laoji etc.. Because of their own business, they also consider the network as a medium, not just as an e-commerce platform. They are to expand the brand’s influence is also on the portal advertising, hype and activities, we often use micro-blog and other communication tools, this network is a new media platform, this model can further netizens heart.

merchants and wholesale trade is used to do consumer goods distribution model used in the traditional enterprise, is to use the network to find the target customers, can be agents, wholesalers and distributors or project franchise enterprises, foreign trade etc.. For example, the rapid development of ah is obvious to people, 05 years from its founding to the present has formed a large scale chain, more than 2 thousand stores, this is to rely on the network to promote the success of the business.

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