Discussion on the future development orientation of the webmaster service website

webmaster, with the development of the Internet has also expanded its significance. Before people accustomed to leading a station, a service station called master; now people are more accustomed to call the website or forum sponsors webmaster.

in recent years, the network is more and more low threshold, depending on the legend also appeared a lot of network build up the family fortunes. So more attracted more and more people to join the ranks of the webmaster.

so private thought of a problem, is the webmaster service website in today’s era of how to position and development. We all know that there are a lot of webmaster service web site, such as: China Adsense network, A5, A85, 6720 webmaster network, there are a lot of template to expand the network, the source network, etc..

group have a friend is to do the template site, then the following analysis is tentatively to the web site for example. Free template network (www.moban6.com).

1 site features positioning

now most similar sites have a common problem: the lack of their own characteristics, in line with the tastes of the template and source code products, and most of the site’s products are very similar or similar. This has resulted in the ranking of who, who’s high on the phenomenon of browsing. So optimization has become an important way to improve the site now browse.

in fact, in the private view, to the individual or company website source template architecture together, not many have certain professional knowledge, such as PHP, CSS, ASP etc.. We make an idea, the team or individual power creation / copy a unique template for how long? This and what can bring flow? Although the individual or group in the process of creation time, but compared to the acquisition or in other web site to download a copy is going to have more effect?

2 site layout

Webmaster website

is not a lot of soldiers have been to the whole, gave me the impression on the word "all" of course! Do have a lot of advantages, it is more convenient for users to browse the web, so the overall traffic will be very high. In real life, people will always say that will be more than the essence of the network, then it is also feasible to


study found that Chinaz, A5, 6720 and other more successful sites will be based on a comprehensive basis to increase their own more proficient in the one or two place, a comprehensive increase of the essence of the two combined with each other to promote and promote each other.

of course, the website template class this idea may not be practical, but to increase the development of articles and the home call will not be more beneficial to the website in members’ personal space? (the soldiers didn’t practice, idea! If you think feasible or you can try


3 team

webmaster class website, content are many, and more complex. Rely solely on individual strength will always be somewhat powerless. So how to set up and pick from

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