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users often have such reflect: my website submitted to Google for a long time, how could not find my web page? Some are not familiar with the working principle of the search engine people even think that only the homepage, upload to the web space, will automatically login search engine.

after a can make an analogy, it is like a person born an orphan, and all the time, not in contact with any person, suddenly one day but indignant said, who know me for no reason!? website is the same, you do not carry out publicity and promotion, an island it is like the vast sea, almost no chance of being found.

is a bit better, at least know that the site will be submitted to Google, this approach may be effective a few years ago, but now is not enough. It can be said that the web site is the basis for the existence of search engines. From the working principle of search engine can be seen in the search engine is to rely on the website tracking links between websites to find and crawl the web information, if the site are independent of each other, the search engine work efficiency and provide the breadth and quality of information will be greatly reduced.

for Google, but it links the "lifeline" is the key to its success. So Google have the opportunity to instill the idea of you: go out to find links, or your site will not be accepted by us. Google had a search engine at the Academic Conference on the minimum standards included in the web site, that is, when you submit the URL to Google, at least to ensure that there is an external link. In fact, if the site’s external import links enough, you simply do not have to submit the URL directly to the Google (and Google does not recommend that you do), so it will be faster Google. Now we know the role of the link in the landing Google, the following describes the access to external links. Before introducing it, it is necessary to clarify the concept of the link:

external link: External Links. The external links to this site are generally links to other sites.

internal link: Internal Links. Link between internal pages of this website.

reverse / import links: Backward Links or Incoming/Inbound Links. The meaning of "external links" close to other sites linked to this site link.

export link: Outgoing/Outbound Links. Links from this site to other sites.

access to external links

1, will be submitted to the portal site

The easiest way for

to get an external link is to submit the site to major portals, Sohu

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