Car rental industry should pay attention to the details of soft marketing

car rental industry is a traditional industry, the traditional industry of traditional marketing methods must not be abandoned, one of the car rental industry can bring common marketing practices through marketing, today I would like to talk about your own car rental industry is how to bring the customer through marketing, in fact, car leasing industry has some soft writing skills, here to share with you.

first: car rental industry is very important title

is the title of the article is the most useful and most important, because the Internet is an era of information explosion, all kinds of information is very large, there is no time for users to read the whole of your soft Wen is not for their help, so the fastest way is to look at the title, users tend to the first title quickly filtered again and then choose your most need to read, so we want users to click on the text, first step is the title to attract attention.

traditional car rental industry, is usually in the form of this: "XXX city car rental company XXX XXX services, such soft Wen is too dry, how you are going to click your customers? I have used such a soft, hit rate is very good, the title is 1 yuan will be able to write the car" Xi’an car rental Limited special offer? ", the first title is such a title compared to our previous lot, first users will unconsciously be attracted to, and click over the look.

second: car rental industry, the first paragraph of soft

I don’t know anything else, at least the first soft car rental industry is very important, as long as the customer is interested in watching our first paragraph, then the 80% could read the full text, so for the car rental industry in the first paragraph of the soft writing is very important.

The first section of

how to write it? What is the purpose of writing the first paragraph text? The first paragraph writing is very simple, we have only one purpose, to provide value to customers, and let customers have interest to read the second and third section of our text. Here is our offer value according to the title of the soft decision, your soft Wen Title determines the needs of customers, such as Xi’an, a Xi’an special offer car rental customers click on the article, so his demand is "special offer" car, so the first section should highlight our "special offer" to come. Provide special offer in terms of value to the customer, at the same time he went to see below, after the call.

third: car rental industry soft Wen must be concise

soft writing is not to say that the longer the better, we are not in writing, especially for the car rental industry in such a specific service industry, our soft first through the title to the needs of customers, and then quickly cut into the topic, so soft, do not need to write the tutorial as long as, more concise at the same time, get rental >

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