Wang Tong from watercress was approved to see the film marketing

recent commercial film "the Great Wall", "the ferryman" at the box office is unsatisfactory, the people’s daily client has issued critical bean and the cat’s eye and other web sites and V deliberately bad hurt the film industry.


that’s a big hat button!

This reminds me of

years ago, the people’s daily criticism of Xifeng, said the vulgar. I think at that time, Xifeng where vulgar, she gave Chinese brought enormous positive energy. Most people Chinese are not confident, she’s not pretty so confident, others are not so confident with what


I think, watercress and cat website not only hurt China film products, but to promote the development of Chinese film industry, has brought huge positive energy to Chinese film industry.


1, consumers can choose to review the movie to see

movie is good-looking, not your authoritative media bragging can blow out, from the majority of users comments, is the most down to earth.

remember: comments affect consumer decisions!

2, film makers can understand the audience preferences through comments

the majority of the film workers should also look at the Internet all kinds of down to earth film is how to write, and then carefully take some down to earth’s film.

a few years ago the popular very popular drama "house of cards" is based on the network data analysis the data users love, then planning to shoot out, commercial film can also be so fun.

3, after watching the film exchange is also very important

after watching a movie, many people want to see how others comment, so that I can look at the viewing angle of others, this is a very interesting thing, watercress is a good platform for communication.

some movies are not very good, but the comments are very good, I remember Kaige Chen’s "Taoist down the mountain" is very general, but there was a review of the very NB, it seems interesting.

at the same time, through this incident, I also saw a very good business plan, that is: film marketing.

traditional movie marketing, are engaged in conference TV advertising, advertising signs and so on, these methods are outdated slowly.

is now the most effective marketing through the Internet!

a movie, through the Internet to marketing communication, the cost is very low, the effect is very good, how to operate it?

first step: get rid of one hundred big V to help you brag forced

every step of the film, you can dig out the attractive topic, and then find 100 big V to help you make a movie bragging on the line, this is

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