Baidu big update website ranking and joy and sorrow

Baidu after nearly a month of adjustment, and finally in March 13th last year, the site included, ranking a big update. Forum and a lot of questions to ask Baidu to update the site was K, keyword ranking and so on. With every adjustment of Baidu, the total number of webmasters who complained or filled with joy.

but why, said Baidu K station people? Actually get a good ranking site also many, just on the site, many webmaster is bad news. Ranking up, they are happy not to tell others, because there is no need to take their own achievements to show off.

Chinese have a characteristic. When you make a living away from home outside, if you are good, to make money, you will say: Alas, poor dead, nothing gain; when you are in distress, you can say: Well, the money earned. Ha ha, face problem. On the site, the same applies. Rich people do not say they have money, others can only guess.

many people ask: the site is K, Baidu down the right, how to do? My answer is simple: any excessive optimization, remove the site updated, maintain a certain quality of the chain, Baidu will not abandon you. And it just takes time to wait.

this is a big update Baidu backing. Yesterday, I see the snapshot time some websites have become number 2.25 look, Baidu snapshot phenomenon is not uncommon, this is often a precursor to update Baidu, indeed, today to Baidu keyword query, Baidu snapshot time has been updated for the snapshot yesterday is number 3.13. Baidu snapshot time is changing, but click snapshots in view the content, can be found, the content does not change, the snapshot time false, or that sentence, Baidu server data synchronization.

also remind you: "Wuwei" website to be careful, especially the web page title, once revised, Baidu is likely to keep your site for a period of time, although not right down to your site, but Baidu is not update any of your pages, estimates that taste as well. If you are Baidu sealed, the method mentioned in this article you can use above me to stimulate the Baidu, but this method is less used; with more, annoyed Baidu, directly click.

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